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Thread: Rear Axle Swap Dana 70u from Jeep CJ10A Tug

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    This is what I am using for the arms.

    You could just get the passenger side and use the stock Chevy drag link on the axle to save some money. I had a moment of weakness shopping online and went the more expensive route. This seems to keep happening with this project which is why I have started making posts in the for sale section.

    Quote Originally Posted by Troop ISP View Post
    The swap looks great. The thing I like the best is you have more room in the back to clear your brake calipers. Who did you get your high steer components from?

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    Quote Originally Posted by SVENG52 View Post
    Wow awesome axle to swap in. I cant say those rears are easy to find thou.
    They are out there, but it definitely isn't super common. When you find one it will probably be cheap. There aren't many applications for an axle this wide.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Grantshire View Post
    Easier than you might think and can be pretty cheap. Most guys with CJ10A's scrap them because no one wants them.
    Well if anyone stumbles across on in the northeast let me know. I would definitely do this swap

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    The rear axle out of a chevy 1ton dually box van is the same axle,dana 70U.It will bolt rite in without moveing the spring mounts.You can even use the drum breaks if you want.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 4X4jeepfreak View Post
    The rear axle out of a chevy 1ton dually box van is the same axle,dana 70U.It will bolt rite in without moveing the spring mounts.You can even use the drum breaks if you want.
    Cool. Have you put this axle under your truck? I'm sure others would like to see some pics if you get a chance to post them up. How wide is the axle?

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    Here's a few pics with the truck back on its feet. 12 bolt H1 wheels (not re-centered) with the 37" H1 radials. Looks like the rear tires are just about even with the outside edge of the fender. I'll be picking it up at the end of next week and can take more detailed pictures if anyone wants any.

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    Looks like it was meant to be.

    I think this is a great upgrade/set up for the axles, rims and tires. Good stuff

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    Here's another picture showing the outside of the tire in relation to the fender. The tread is inside the fender, but the sidewall bulges out just a little.

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    A few more pics.

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    OK quick question;

    If this axle is 75.5" WMS to WMS with disc brakes... How would the M1008 Dana60 front at 69'ish WMS to WMS compliment this set-up using the HMMWV rims?

    Would you use spacers up front so the track is the same front and rear?

    I ask because I'm considering one of the CJ10A axles Grantshire sourced for us. The one in Houston is less than 600 miles from me, so I'm tempted to go this route instead of Rockwells. Options still open, but I like the idea of the tug axles making good use of the HMMWV back-spacing. Perhaps matching the width up front with spacers eliminates steering component interference on the M1008 axle when running HMMWV wheels???

    My two oposing options are being weighed based on ;
    • The Dana axles with much lighter wheels and 37"ish tires would probably get much better milage with the 6BT at 1800 RPM than;
    • Rockwells and heavy 20" wheels with 43"ish tires geared towards the same 1800 RPM cruise speed
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