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Thread: T98 bada$$ or bad ?

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    is the T98 tran strong enough for a very healthy 454 (roughly 400 hp +), or am i better off swopping it out.

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    Default T98 bada$$ or bad ?

    i messed up and put this in the wrong forum, im sorry did"nt realize it till it was to latel. please forgive me....
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    These things are as tough as they get, in the light truck class.

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    You are in the right forum. Stock trans but Modified engine.

    The t98 will live just fine behind a big hp engine. A lot of people that put big engines in also want to be able to cruise down the highway. That is why you read a lot about 5 speeds and automatics with overdrive. That and the fact that if you go to the money and effort of putting in an engine, it is often cheaper and easier to put in the transmission made to go behind the new engine. Good luck with your swap.
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    does having 44 tires make a differance ? i just want to cruise on the highway at 60-65 mph with a 350/400TH implant . i don't need a hotrod just a work / weekend truck with 1 1/4 ton axles .

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    i know that when you put a B.B. in the fire wall has to be worked with a B.F.H. if i use the T98 with the adapter will that space it out at all?

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    If you move the motor mounts forward about 2 inches, maybe a little less, you dont need to beat the fire wall, you can use a stock fan and you'll be happy. Ask Spicer and Joe/Ia and M1028....all have done it.
    Also I have heard the BBC up to 650 horse has run in a competition environment with no'll be alright if you dont do something stupid.
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