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Thread: 350 / 400 turbo swap

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    Default Misc. pointers for swapping in an SBC or BBC cheaply-

    Looks like I might have a oppurtunity to pick up a Chevy 350 with a 400 turbo at a reasonable price. I was hoping anyone with experience with a swap like this to let me in on the do's and don'ts and what all is needed to get it in. I assume I would need to fab new mounts and a new / modified shaft to the transfer case, but what else do I need to plan for?

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    A way to mount the t-case shifters and e-brake handle. They are mounted to the bellhousing trans on stock trucks.
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    Make sure to put the jackshaft in. I had a turbo 350 in mine with no jackshaft (just a u-joint) and it caused the case to tranny to split.
    It's pretty straight forward. You can use motor mounts from a 1970 truck with the V-8 and they'll bolt to the frame horns, but you'll have to beat a dent in the firewall to fit the passenger side head of your v-8. Then make a mount for the turbo 400. The biggest headache you're gonna have is finding a hose for your water intake that will clear the fan. If you want to use electric fans then it's a breeze. Your stock radiator will be right on the line as far as keeping the 350 cool. Some do, some don't. I know mine would until I ran it on the highway in summer for over 10 minutes at top speed.

    Good luck and let us know if you run into any problems.

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    Iam no expert here brian but Ive seen 2 427's...Spicer's and Joe/IA's...and a ford what ever(Found on road dead) in 2 different trucks with no smashing...Humm

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