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Thread: where to find aftermarket wheels

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    i was given a 725 and i want to put 44's on it , but i don't like split rims . any ideas on where to find after market rims ? my boss bought stockton rims for his M37 . they were 210 $ a piece , i'm kinda trying to keep this on the cheap .

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    There are a few wheel makers, I'll let those who have dealt with some of them chime in here. some have had good luck with having their wheel centers cut out and welded onto new rims. My reply is more towardsyour stated goals of M725 on 44s, especially on the cheap.

    1 - not much can be done with these things truely on the cheap. They have a lot of uniquities (I think I just invented a word!) that makes it a bit pricey or labor-intensive to modify, especially axle and suspension stuff.
    2. - the 725, I hear, is a bit "nervous" laterally to start with. Lifting it and installing bit meats will exacerbate this. Creepy at best, dangerous at worst. If someone can refute this and encourage dsal45 to proceed, please do so.
    3 - the 4-corner drum brakes are not power assisted. They are ok with some increase in tire size, but pedal effort needed to whoa 44s may get a bit excessive.
    4 - I don't want to discourage you from building the truck you wish to have, more, I'm just pointing out some things that have already forced some mid-build-up project abandonments. It's pretty easy to get so far easily, then hit a bug wall mid-way through - if you are on the cheap, this wall comes pretty quickly.

    Welcome to the zone dsal4. We're all here to help, even if only by way of words of caution.

    "other peoples junk, is something or other" - Militarypotts 02/07/2011

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    i have a 84 chevy suburban donor vehicle that i plan to use the engine and transmission and related parts . i also read on about adapting a master cylinder from a hummer . i was given this vehicle and have a welder and tools . i plan on replumbing the brake lines , mating the chevy power brake system or adapting a large truck brake system . i want to keep a safe unique vehicle on the road for many years to enjoy and pass on to my grandkids . i also plan to use it for daily pick up duties . everybody has a ford or chevy , think of the challenges and possiabilities of making it happen .

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    That sounds good. You'll get a lot of suggestions to install chebby axles and get the benefits of better gearing, updated brakes, and more common wheel bolt pattern. I can't disagree with them.
    "other peoples junk, is something or other" - Militarypotts 02/07/2011

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    any ideas on where to find after market rims ?
    Try Marsh Racing Wheels,, 1-800-643-3625. They built mine and they have been great. I think they were $85-95 each plus shipping.


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    I just bought wheels from MRT and the total price shipping included was $520 which is about $500 cheaper than anywhere else.

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