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Thread: Full Hydro vs hydro assist

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    Any of you guy use a hydro or a hydro assist system. I thinking about install one and want some feed back. The truck will not be on the road much. Frank

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    Default Full Hydro vs hydro assist

    If you go full hydraulic, I've got a couple of spare orbitals I'll sell.
    Big Blocks RULE!

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    im going partial. just need to add the ram.

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    I only know what we have at work. partial hydro at least allows some control in event of hydro failure. Full hydro if line blows, pump fails etc. you are S.O.L. it is going where it was pointed last. our dump-trucks have full hydro and a combined loaded weight of 220,000 lbs. they also have a pressure accumulator that gives a minimum of 3 turns lock to lock in event of a pump failure. that is to allow time to get truck stopped under control. before you do full hydro check with state regulations as many states won't allow such on road.

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    I need one spice how much and shipping to Va.


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