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Thread: Anyone switch to LEDS ?

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    found these 24 volt LED Turn Signal,Taillight,Brake Lights and wondered if anyone had switched yet?
    1969 M715

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    Default Anyone switch to LEDS ?

    tried the tail light this weekend. relly didnt see a change. save your money

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    Bummer! I have them in my motorcycle and they make a world of difference.oh well.
    1969 M715

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    I have them both front and rear and they're great. (I have converted to 12v) They're sized right to fit in the mil style housing, too. Looks "correct", IMHO. People following you might think they're bright, however. If you have a 12V conversion, you'll need an electric flasher, as the LED's won't pull the amperage load needed to make a bi-metallic flasher work. Or you can just leave a regular bulb in series with the LED, but that sorta defeats the purpose of the low current draw LED light.

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    The army has a Mil led composite light. They look like the "new" style composite, but are half the thickness. A friend of mine put them on a 1/4 ton trailer he was pulling with a tj. The good thing about them is that they work 12-48V. But they are expensive to buy. I would like to find 24V hallogine bulbs to put in my composite turn and tails now that would give some bright!
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    Koob-are yours 12 or 24 volt?
    1969 M715

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    The military also has a heavy aluminum light housing that looks like our composite ones that houses and led system. I pulled a set off of my M1?? deuce trailer when I rewired it. Should be 24 Volt.
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    Default charging troubleshooting

    here is a good source of lights. also about half way through is a LED conversion kit.
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