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Thread: Stock Distributor Upgrade

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    Hey guys for Only 516.72/pc +S&H you can get Prestolite part number
    65-139 from Bright Components what a deal.... No seriously I called up the Prestolite tech line, well after dialing four phone numbers because Prestolite sold the distributor half to a company called Ametek so I ended up in talking to their tech service. I spoke with a man who was there with the original Prestolite and he said that they discontinued making the waterproof distributors back in 84 and the Prestolite distributor division was sold 5 years ago. He pretty much told me that their is no more Prestolite Distributor division due to the new distributor less ignition systems out there. I called him because I was wondering if the military distributor had any common civliaian parts so I could convert over to an electronic ignition using a Pertronix kit. He then told me about Prestolite part number 65-139 which was a conversion kit. He said that the military never picked up on it, at least not in large quanities. Thats when I searche for the Prestolite part number on the net and found the kit for only $ 516. I think they make new versions of the kit. Owell, another day in the life of a M715 owner......

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    sorry to say this but i just found one from auto shack for $37.00. It's for a 65 j truck with a 230 1 b eng.

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    Ah but will that one work with the sock military waterproof distributor? If so then I'm interested

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    not sure about water proof. But before I'd spend $500 i'd ask our fellow m715er's if they have a line on a good used one. Many folks have put in new engs in there truck and no longer need them. bcw1284 is parting out 2 trucks now he may have one. If your going 12v the one from auto zone should work. Ill be getting one tommorrow. I'll let you know how it works.

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    The military had two elctronic ignition replacement kits...Used mostly in the M151s as by the time they came out those were the only gas engine trucks they had...any way one was made by prestolite the other by swiss controlls. The swiss controlls one was a drop in and fo gedda boud id system... The prestolite was a PITA! You had to adjust a gap and change the shaft that the rotor sat on. A real pain...the only good thing was that it used the standard GI rotor and cap.
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