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Thread: found lost in the woods

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    Bringing this thread back from the dead. Still have this but haven't done much to it. Twelve years ago home was in Northern California but it moved with me to Northern Idaho 11 years ago. It currently has a S250 shelter in the back filled to the brim, using it as a storage unit. Have picked up some parts for this like intercooler, axles, etc. Going to start working on this to get it running and driving as I have a trip I'd like to take it on next spring. Going to get a battery and throw in it this next week and then work on getting the S250 cleaned out. Then finding and organizing all my M715 parts for it. Debating if I'm going to swap axles out to modern 8 lug ones or keep the stock ones. I'm not doing a spring over swap so it partly depends on if the Dana 70 I have for the front will clear the engine oil pan. I hope to drive this up to kaiserjeeps next spring for a little fullsize Jeep action. Stay tuned for further updates.

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    Got a battery for it Thursday between jobs. This afternoon after I got home from an emergency service call I scraped the snow off the hood and shoveled some away from the front so I can put a torpedo heater in the front and get the engine warmed up and the ice off the hood. Need to track down a fuel filter and some fuel treatment too. And I need to figure out how to post fullsize pictures from my phone.
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    Well that is exciting. Glad to see you working on it again. And I see the snow did not pass you by. I had 2 feet up here before December even hit. Way more than normal for this time of year. And cold at 3 below so far. Days at 12 to 20 degrees. Brrrrr... Yes despite wanting to sell and move I am still planning on the get together here. Marc or Rang a Stang from IFSJA is buying my two J trucks. And we are planning a few days to talk jeep, curse the political scene and get the trucks loaded for a trip to Boise ID. So with that being said, I want to extend an invite to any Zone members that may want to join Marc, myself and I think a few IFSJA guys. I can accommodate several rigs for camping and I have the fire pit and a place to sit back and have a good time. No date yet but that is coming.
    Glad to see you working on at least one of your trucks...LOL

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    I'm planning on coming out, hopefully driving a M715! I'll get a hold of Adam in Spokane Valley and see if he wants to come out with his M715. I bought a M715 trailer bed from him a few months ago and saw his M715 on Chevy K frame and running gear in person.

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    I saw that bed online. It was very nice. I just gave Adam a 1970 wagoneer. With a stipulation I get to keep the rare flanged rear Dana 44 and driveline. For my 69 X model waggy. I am trying to clean up so I don't have as much to move when I sell my place. He always has a lot going on. So it is fun to stop by and see what he is doing. I think he knows about it. But we will make sure later when a date is established.

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    I still can't believe how much he does at his place and how quick he does it. Pretty impressive for the size of his lot.

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    Only worked 8 hours today so had some daylight left when I got home. Went out to work on getting this fired up and found it needs a new fuel pump, don't know what happened to it. Ordered a piston pump from for it and ordered a 12 pack of Fleetguard FF5018 fuel filters for it off Ebay, $300 for the pump and $100 for the filters. Looking at Davco water separators too as I'm going to add one by the tank, clean diesel means happy IP and injectors. I did turn the engine over by the alternator nut and it turned quite easily.
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