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    : i want to do a spring over on my truck, but want to get a good idea on what will need to be changed (drive shafts, relocated tie rod, ect..) before i jump into it. i want the truck to be completed as fast as posible it is my daily driver. any info would be great.

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    this page has alot of great stuff. Check it out.
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    thanks, that site had a lot of information but i want to use the stock front axle, dana 60's are very $$$$.$$ at the time. my biggest question i have is what to do with the tie rod, it looks like it will have to be rised. do the stock axles use the same steering arm lift blocks as a standard 60 ???

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    When I did a spring over i my truck, I removed the tie rod and turned it over so that it comes in from the top side of the steering arms. I reamed the top side of the holes in the steering arms and filed them out to fit the tapered tie rod ends. I welded a bead around the hole on the lower side of the steering arms and re-drilled it to the size of the threads of the tie rod ends so that everything fit tight. I have also seen where the steering arms have been cut off, turned over and re-welded.
    I had to lenghten the drag link by 3 1/2 inches to compensate for the spring-over lift; however I did drive my truck for a long time by just adjusting the drag link out as far as it would go. It just turned sharper one way than it did the other.


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    thanks for the info. do they sell spacers to raise the streering arms, or is this my only option... if they dont make the spacers has any one made there own?

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    You dont need spacers...just do the reaming as Jeremy described and put the springs on top with the longer drag link and you'll pick up 5 1/2 to 6 inches in the front.
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    i will get on it. thanks

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    They can't easily space the arm up as it houses the upper king pin.
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    sorry if i sound retarded but have never had a dana 60 in a truck and dont know much about them internally, i just dont want to half ass anything on my truck
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    Lot's of stuff is different from brand to brand...don't sweat it. Always ask...don't assume. Good luck on the weekend spring over project!
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