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Thread: 4 Wheel Steering?

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    So, say I've got a buddy with an M725...

    Say he wants to make it 4 wheel steer...

    Say he wants to replace the front and rear axles to do this...

    What do I need to know?

    Will I need a reverse rotation axle?

    Is there somewhere to go so I can look at hydraulic setups?

    Prolly not going with linkage, and gonna run a shutoff so on the road he can lock the rear out.

    So, like will Front D60's work ok, or no? It's mainly gonna be an on road vehicle. Some soft wheeling.

    Thanks guys.

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    you need to hack off the ends of a rear axle and stick knuckles on there... and use front shafts etc etc. Why go through the trouble for that???
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    Well, he wants to have a better turning radius, and isn't too happy bout the stock axles bolt pattern, nor reputed strength. Hence, he wants to swap axles... and figures while he's at it, why not make it 4 wheel steer too?

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    Any rear steering setup will be weaker then it's intended use as a front axle.
    And for that weight, even more so.
    At the point of running rear steer on that truck, start thinking rockwells

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    A. It is much easier to swap normal axles in.
    B. It is much easier to figure out the lack of steering gear needed.
    C. It is lighter.
    D. It is cheaper.
    E. It is stronger.

    I'm with Hammer on this one... though I applaud your pal's gusto, if he's in NJ he's got some issues with a setup like that, not to mention taht for the price of just the rear he could probably swap to a 60/14bolt and be pleased. 725's are not good trail trucks.... though they sure look good being tippy.. heheh. Rockwells will jack it up to the moon, not a bad thing in the trucks. Talk him out of it! Most states it's illegal to use hydro steering on the street, unless he just wants rear steer off road. Also, keep in mind that the lockout will still allow more tire wear in the rear than normal. The Petersen's Avalanche had a lockout that was pretty slick if he's bent on doing it.
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