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Thread: Headers for SBC or BBC?

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    I was curious if this style will fit and not have trouble with the frame horns. I currently have the full header that sweeps back to the bell, but if I could use these then it would allow me to have my exhaust outside the frame by going over the frame right before the first body mount.

    Anyone using these?

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    Yeah, they work with no problems. The set I had REALLY sucked, as far as sealing and such. They also hit the factory chevy motor mounts I was using, I believe they were pickup style mounts. I ended up torching off the frame horns and motor mounts and starting over, then I installed a set of Corvette style ram horns and it works like a dream.

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    Soooooo....are you saying that those above were the ones you were using when you had all those problems? I'm confused. Are the ones above in the vetter style, and if so will it work with stock horns?


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    Default Front axle trouble- bearing nut tool?

    Frapguy put a set like that on his truck. Of course before that we hacked off the horns and used a custom mount.


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    Brian, I used a set similar to the pictured headers. I had problems with the block hugger style due to leaks. They fit good with stock frame horns and Novak style mounts. Why do you want the exhaust outside of the frame? Mike Petrus

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    I have little room to run duals with my case and all. It just fits better. I have duals now, but they exit to the outside of the frame a little far back for me as my headers are full length.


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    too far back? huh? like.... out the back to the truck? huh? lol.. I have duals exiting just in front of the rear tires, on a (&!%!# 460 with stock manifolds, stock horns, and uh.. oh, the mufflers are right under the seats.

    there's room.
    **I heart Bump_r **

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    Default 100x16michelins

    When I had my exhaust installed, we cut holes in the stock transmission crossmember to fit the 2.5" pipes. They run just inside the rails until just behind the, then the driver side pipe crosses to the pass. side just under the rear driveshaft yoke. Then both pipes run along the pass. side and dump at the axle. Its a tight install but well worth it, there is nothing below the frame or any place where it can get crushed. THE DOWNSIDE: For now, I can not remove my transmission crossmember, it will slide out of the way for trans. r&r. When I get time I will correct that.

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    So will those work for a 350 sb with the stock horns and the advanced adapters motor mounts, or do I need something else. I'm not looking to drop a lot of coin here, just not melt wires. Any other recomendations?


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    It appears no one knows for sure, or if they do then they aren't saying.
    A member named "dave" is installing a 350 this weekend with a Summit set of the one's pictured above. He's gonna try them out and let us know if they fit. Aside from that, I have no clue.


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