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    Default 427 questions

    I just got a 427 from Ben (thanks again) and the casting number is "473478". The truck was reputed to be a '71 or so body, but when I looked up that casting number it said on some sites that that was a '77-'90 motor, but on some they just lumped all 427's together and said it was made from '68-'90.

    The valve covers said "TARGET MASTER 427" and when I looked that up it was apparently GM's crate motors years ago.

    Anyone have any idea.....or care enough to look? I'm wondering if this is a crate motor that was installed after '77 as that would make me all the happier.

    I'm just curious.

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    That came from - my guess is it's a replacement and probably not terribly uncommon in a heavy duty or fleet vehicle.


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    Someone could have put those valve covers on any 427, but TARGET MASTER was a GM crate engine TM name.
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    The blue color is a giveaway. the orig. engine should be orange. targetmasters were pukey blue until mid 80's when they were changed to black.

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    DaveA.-Where did you read in this post that the engine was Blue??? are you psychic or something?
    If it was not painted a stock 427 would be orange.
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    uh.. I don't want to point out the obvious, but there's some pics of said motor elsewhere on this site LOL..

    I also got that as a 77-90, out of the fine "How To Build Max Performance Chevy Rat Motors (not for sale to Brian Sisson)", from Cartech. It's a good book to have, full of good information.
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    Actually, if it was not painted a stock 427 would be rusty cast iron. LOL. I sold plenty of these engines in my G.M. partsdude days. Orange thru 76, Blue thru 82, then black.

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    That's what mine looked like when I got it. The guy tore it all down, cleaned and loosly put it back together so that all the parts would be there. It was a big rusted hulk. He said he couldn't find anything wrong with it. I saw three rocker that had the pushrods pushed through, several lobes worn off the cam and a hole in a piston? I still don't know if he was really that old, blatently stupid, or trying to pull one over on me. The dude was like 80 and nearly tipped his 'tricycle' tractor with a front mounted bucket loading it.
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