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Thread: lift kits/suspension lifts

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    does anyone know of a place or way to get about 3-6 inches of lift out of this platform and if so please drop me a line at
    brad in iowa

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    So far your only choices (without getting too into the project) are custom springs from one of the many aftermarket spring shops or a springover up front/shackle flip out back.


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    and even that is getting into a bit... heheheh but yah, only way to go so far.
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    that really sucks and i can't believe that no one has made a lift for these wonderful vehicales yet but any way i guess a little custom work is in order for any altitude that i wish to seek.
    thanks anyway
    brad in iowa
    '86 & '98 Ram 4x4's

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    Alcan in CO is reasonable.
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    thanks but in order to get my rig to co it would take 14 hours as i live on the iowa illinios and wisconsin border and it is impossible to see me going that far just to get a little altitude... but thanks for your reply i just need sombody a little closer to home to work with.
    thanks brad in iowa
    '86 & '98 Ram 4x4's

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    I'm sure they'll ship the springs to you. You can do that via UPS. Just wrap some cardboard around them so you can stick a shippig label on them! For the price of custom springs, I bet you could have a shop do the high steering conversion for a SOA. IIRC, flipping the rear shackle with a small block in the rear will level things out. What kinda tires do u wanna run anyway? These trucks are already rather tall. Or, as you say, are you just after "attitude"? <g>

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    When I called them, they just asked for measurements and whatnot, no biggie. And new springs as we all know are the easiest way to get some height. Plus they can redo the spring rate and give you your kidneys back. There is no reason to have such heavy springs on a truck if it's not hauling stuff. Then again, they flex ok in a 725, but I'm sure the ambulance body helps LOL
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    to anserw fsj guy i am after bigger tires but also want to clear those tires when the suspension flexesso does anyone have any ideas for 38.5x12x16 tires and where can i get wheels that obliviate the need for the split ring as i really want to get rid of those. thanks for the help
    brad in iowa
    '86 & '98 Ram 4x4's

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    custom wheels are you option, unless you swap axles. 38's will hit at full stuff, but maybe not on a springover. To give you a guesstimate, 36" Swampers at full flex just barely rubbed on my 725, thanks to stubby springs. LOL>..
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