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Thread: ford 351m motor swaps for m-715

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    i just recently purchased three m-715/m-716 kaiser jeeps and of the three there are two with motors but only one is runing. now my question is does any one know of anywhere that sell an adapter for the 351m motor mounts or will 351w mounts fit the block. and also where can i find a trans adapter kit for the stock tranny.
    thank for any help you can provide
    brad in iowa

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    You will have to rig something up, no one makes jack for these things. Novak and Advance Adapters make pricey plates to adapt the stock tranny to the new motor, but in my opinion you're better off swapping teh whole thing in if you can.
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    thanks tacoma
    but in your oppinion should i put the c-6 or the manual transmission into it as i don't know which is better??
    my intended use is as a daily driver but i also want to be able to go wheelin with it to so i guess which would be better for muddin' and trail ridin but still perform well on the road??
    thank brad in iowa
    '86 & '98 Ram 4x4's

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    My opinion would be the c6 is a good tranny BUT if you are gonna run an automatic YOU MUST run a big cooler for it...also if you are not running an overdrive, or changing the axle gears, to bring the RPM's down, its gonna be a fairly harsh environment for an auto...make sure the cooler is as big as possible basically...either a manual or auto would work...a manual with a granny low would give the best crawl ratio, if that would be needed...sounds like your looking for faster acceleration though, mud, and there the auto may have some advantages.
    On the motor mounts, I dont know if the 351 M will fit the 351 W mount, but you can get a 302 mount from JC Whitney and I think Advanced Adapters...the 351W will bolt into that mount...done that in cars, no if the M types mount is the same, you got it...I just wouldnt hold my breath would make it an easy swap though.
    Good luck and keep us informed...sounds interesting to me!!
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    thanks for the input but after talking to the guy who had the 351m i think that i am probably just going to go with the chevy 350 as i can get one that is running with 110,000 miles on it for approx. $300 and the mounts off of novak inc's web site for $150 so i think that is the way i will go. i also think i may stay with the stock tranny and t-case unless anyone has any better options that won't bust my budget($2500). also is the chevy 350 a good buy at $300. any way always open to suggestions and eager to learn.
    thanks again
    brad in iowa
    '86 & '98 Ram 4x4's

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    why not use a sm465 tranny? you can get them for 50 to 150. i dont know what a tranny adapter costs though.

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    I was going to say go w/the auto for mud... and get the biggest cooler you can afford.

    Here's the cheapest way I can think to swap out w/your budget: grab a running Chevy 350, w/the 465 and married 205 out of any pre-'80 3/4 truck (or a 2wd model, either or... but the 4wd have the 205, and it's just better than stock). Then email Spicergear for pics of his super simple motor mount adapters, they'll cost you literally about $10. Then spend a six pack for your welder buddy (we all have one!) and have him make you a tranny mount. Spend a little more getting the driveshafts sorted out. With all the cash you have left over, buy a gasket set for the 350 and install it. Maybe a cam if you feel spunky.

    I don't think there is any way that's cheaper, and at the end of it you'll still have cash, AND a running truck.
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    i don't know though i was honestly thinking of keeping the stock drive train in the truck except the motor rather then spend the money on the auto cooler. btw does anyone have a spare working distributor for the stock motor as i was working on the stock and the input terminals on it are all broke or too brittle to work with.
    and what really needs to be changed with the motor mounts in the stock jeep. and again is a motor that is running but no transmission or transfer case worth $300
    and is it possible to make your own trans to motor adapter. btw i happen to be the welding buddie you were talking about....
    thanks again
    brad in iowa
    '86 & '98 Ram 4x4's

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    Email Spicer for details, but here's the short version: big plate with bolts on one end to the stock mounts, on the other to the new mounts. Easy as hell, and holding up to 427 torque just fine so far.
    If you can make trans-to-motor adapters you are my new best friend. The plate has to be thick enough to house the holes for both the engine pattern and the trans pattern. In addition, clutch spacers will be needed, and something to bridge the new gap at the input shaft. Autos need similar: extensions and spacers.
    If the motor is in decent shape I'd take it for $300... Trans coolers are like $40 for decent ones at the parts shop, you cheap ! LOL... just kidding, money doesn't grow on trees. I would SERIOIUSLY reconsider keeping the stock transmission, as R&D, as well as cost, for the adapter is much more money than new crossmembers. But that's just me: I'm a gut-em-for-new-stuff kind of guy.
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    i here ya but i kind of like the low ratio transmission and the idea of a manual plus i intend to redo the truck to be in good enough shape to be used as a show truck also.
    brad in iowa
    '86 & '98 Ram 4x4's

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