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Thread: help! sm465 installation.

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    ok, i admit it, i`m an idiot. i know i have seen the information for swapping the sm465 somewhere but i can`t seem to find it. need to know if there is a mount that is similar to the m715`s or do i have to weld in a plate to bolt the chevy trans to? also what did you mount the transfer case levers to? any help would be greatly appreciated as that tranny is to heavy to wrassle around. larry

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    If you mean "swapping" as in taking out the stock tranny and mating the 465 to the 230- then I cannot help you. You'd need the Novak kit and I have no experience with that.

    If you are trying to get the 465 to sit in the place of the stock unit- then you're gonna have to do some fabbing. I think the 465 is roughly the same size as the stock unit, but the mounts will not be in the same spot. I guess you have a 2wd 465?

    I used a 465 mated to a 205 in mine and just replaced the cross memeber with a flat piece of 3/8" stock plate steel that I welded the GM crossmember to. It was pretty simple and I've had no trouble with it.

    Some more information on what you have and are trying to do would be helpful.

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    Default M715 dilema!

    brian, i am trying to install a bbc with the sm 465 trans. i thought i read somewhere about a tranny mount that would allow me to bolt the 465 right in place without any trouble. probably what i get for thinking. i thought about welding a 3"x3" piece of angle iron onto the crossmember and drilling it for the stock 465 mount. my truck had an adapter (novak?) bolted on the t98 when i got it. one ear is cracked and t98 is hard to shift. so i decided to go with the sm465. i have access to a 465 with 205 mated together if that is an easier way to go. thanks for the reply.larry

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    Sorry that I am the only one who is anwering you. It makes me wonder "Is bad help better than no help?".

    Anyhow- I, for one, would go with the 465 mated to the 205- but it means that you'll have to get new driveshafts made or get yours shortened/lengthened. I did this and it cost me about $300, but my shafts are now alot larger around and have alot more slip.
    The 205 is far superior to the 200 that you are considering running. It's amazingly quieter, and there is less slop in the shift lines. If you stick it in as well, then you can mount the shift levers to the side of the 465 using 3 bolt holes on the tranny. I reckon you could do this anyhow, but it just seems nicer to be doing it with the 205.

    What I'd do were I you (and you can take this with as credability as you like) is to swap in the 465/205 combo. Take out all the stock crossmembers that are in your truck. Weld in a custom crossmember that will attach to the 205's mounts. It's what I did and it was pretty easy. I really enjoy my driveline as it is quiet, shifts smooth, and is pretty stout. Sell that adapter on the For Sale page and you can recoupe some of your costs.

    The only drawback to this is that you loose your parking brake, you have to get new shafts, and you have to fab up the frame in a way that is not easily undone.
    The advantages are that now you can get motor/tranny/transfer case parts at your local shop, and you have one of the most covetable setups out there.

    Good luck and I hope this bump to the top gets someone else to pay some attention to your querry.

    By the way- Like that sig.

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    Default Need a Part# for U-Joints???

    Amazingly, I agree with Brian on this one. It isn't hardly anything at all to weld/bolt in a new tranny crossmember. The 205 is indeed quieter and just all around better than the np200. As for the parking brake, there is a pricey kit available or you can fab something. Spicer has a nifty setup on his, your mileage may vary, as Tom is the King of BootyFab. Plus, you can twin stick the 205 for 2wdlo and front wheel drive, if that matters to you. Here in UT, it matters to me! heheh.

    B-- I'm proud of you, that was solid tech.
    **I heart Bump_r **

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    ok, now i have one more question. lol. i have a transfer case from a dodge that is the divorced style like the m715. it looks like it will bolt right in where the old one is. where do i look to find identification numbers. by the way i think i will go with brians idea. that sounds simpler all the way around. thanks guys. larry

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    If it is from a Dodge, and looks almost identical to the 200 you have, then there's a really good chance that it's the covetted NP205 Divorced case. The case should have a tag on the front of it. It'll be an aluminum tag that has the model number. About the size of a silver dollar if memory serves.

    If you have that, then you might consider using it, and a 700R and thus have the 205's smooth opperation, and overdrive. I thought about going that route, but automatics are for girls.

    Hold onto that case and if you're going to the FE bring it. Someone will want to buy it from you and give you a pretty penny for it as it is about the only way to get overdrive in the 715.

    Good luck and if you want some pics of how I fabbed up my 465/205- let me know. Also if you want a parking brake idea that's about $30 and an hours worth of time.....but unsafe in some eyes....let me know too.


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    Just so you know, if there is a letter on the 205, like 205D or 205C or something, it doesn't mean anything. Well, it probably does, but does not help identify what it's out of or anything. Since you know it's out of a Dodge, you're ahead on that one.

    The 205 has a round cover on it, with 3 bolts, if there is no tag.
    **I heart Bump_r **

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    Default Larry

    brian, i have two of these transfer cases. one is from a 74, the other a 73 power wagon. i haven`t had a chance to look for the tag yet. both are in good shape as far as i know. one still runs, it is my farm truck. i think that is the way to go for now as it won`t cost me anything. as for emergency brakes has anyone tried using the brake band setup off of a chevy two ton truck? my hay truck has the same setup as the m715. i know they used this setup until the late 60`s or early 70`s that i know of. if i get time tomorrow i will call a truck repair place and post what i find. thanks for the help. and yes i would like to see your pictures brian. i`m a visual person. if i can look at something i can usually figure it out. larry

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    Default Dodge WC-27 on ebay.

    I'm in the middle of a SM 465/NP 205 conversion, still waiting on finding a bellhousing but am wondering how the clutch linkage works with the stock petal. The motor sits much closer to the fire wall and so the side of the bellhousing probably won't line up with that bracket for that clutch fork arm to mount to the frame. Wondering what you guys have done about this. I'm using the Advanced Adapter motor mounts.

    TBI 454 and chunked up XL's.

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