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Thread: Stock Dana 70 disc brake and 8 on 6.5 lug pattern conversion

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    Well, just got the 70 out of the Kaiser to start the disc brake and 8 on 6.5 conversion. Your probably asking why don't I put a 14 bolt in, I'm partial to Dana/Spicer products and I didn't feel like spending money on another axle when the one I have will do just as well if not better.

    For the hubs I got a set of Dodge Dana 70 hubs ($14 for the pair), with the 8 on 6.5 bolt pattern, from a camper which and bolt right onto the Kaiser 70.

    Now onto the axle shafts, the stock Kaiser axle shaft flange has a larger bolt pattern then the Dodge 70 hubs. I called several axle shaft manufacturers. Dutchman and Moser doesn't make any over 39", the Kasier driver side axle shaft is 41.75" and the passenger side is 35.75" from the end of the splines to the inside of the axle flange. I called Dynatrac, they were actually helpful, and they said to call Summers Brothers. Summers Brothers can make the axle shafts but they would be 35 splined on both ends and have a custom axle flanges also made to hold in the fully floating axle shaft for a tune of $1100, and the shafts would be made of 300M material. A bit pricey for me, I'm a cheap SOB. I then called Moser again to see if they could fill the stock axle shaft flange bolt holes and redrill them, and turn the flange down to fit the Dodge Dana 70 hubs, they said they could for a small some of $70, plus shipping there and back about $30, a much more acceptable price. So far the cost of this conversion is $115.

    Now for the disc brake part. I picked up a set of rear Caddy Calipers from the same junkyard I got the hubs for $10 bucks. They looked brand new, so I'll run them. I purchased a templet for Dana 60 disc brake brackets ($10) made to bolt to the backing plate mount. I'll change the design a little so the it won't bolt to the Kaiser backing plate mount due to how far inboard it is. I make the inner hole just big enough to fit over the spindle and weld them to the axle tube. I'm still in the process of cutting the brackets out. Also for the rotors I'll use Chevy 3/4 ton discs, these will be the most expensive part of the conversion.

    I'll try and post some pictures up as soon as I get everything together.


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    COOOL! Chevy rotors here are running $26.78 each from the pricey parts place... Good job man, can't wait to see those pics.
    **I heart Bump_r **

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    That's awsome! Do we get a step by step with pictures like the dana 60 to 35 spline post?

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    I'll post the pics as soon as I get the shafts back from Moser and get the buildup going.

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    O.K. paul how about an up date?
    "We are here for the meeting!"

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    Default M35 Passenger seat install?

    was the Dodge camper a dually? would it be possible to use the Dodge drums? aren't they the same size? or what about the Dodge backing plates and drums?
    what year was the dodge?
    i won't be able to sleep tonight.
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    It's an abomination to put those nasty Dodgem parts in a 715. It's wrong!!!!

    Stop the madnessssssss!!!!


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    Dodge is taking over the world B-!!!!!!!11!!!
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    As is kudzu....?

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    Chemicals can kill both the Dodges and the Kudzu......just need the right kind and amounts.


    ps Probably shouldn't kill ALL the Dodges, they're doing more to bring back hi-perf trucks than GM or Ford.
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