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Thread: duece or 5ton winch info?

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    Default duece or 5ton winch info?

    i am trying to find out if a winch from a 5ton or duece and a half is a viable swap for an m715? i have found one within spitting distance from me, so that makes it look pretty good, if it might work. any info will be helpful. also can anyone tell me the part number for the pto for a chevy sm465? or if it is a one or two gear pto? thanks larry watkins

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    I would say that anything is possible, its just a matter of how much work you want to put into it. I asked a while ago about a 40,000# winch. I was told that it measures 17" tall and it would just take more work than I want to do right now. When I do put on my winches I think I will go with 10,000# front and rear.

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    That link will take you to my Yahoo photo site where I've got a bunch of truck pics. The last one is one that shows my deuce and a half, Garwood 10,000# winch in the front. It's big, but not outta control. I accomplished this by cutting the front panel and setting the winch deeper into the truck and notching the front bumper so that it would look like a truck with a winch, not a winch with a truck attached to it. The deuce 10,000# are estimated to be at least 5,000# underrated meaning the got got some big balls. They're about 11" tall. I have one under the back of my truck behind the tubular cross member above the rear axle. It fits pretty nicely. They weigh just under 150# with no cable. I've got 125' front and 150' rear, both 1/2" cable. Some come with factory 200'. With 200' on the spool, any side pulling or cable stacking will cause the cable to wedge against the housing brackets and I've seen where the winch was destroyed because of this. Cut it at 125', get some eyelits and clamps and make a nice 75' spare tow cable. The five ton winch is just too large to work in the front and too big to fit under the rear. Bed mount is okay, but it really is an oversized hulk.
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    spicergear, thanks, that winch looks awesome on a m715. i like it is your pto for the front winch on the drivers side or passenger? the two places close to me want to know what rpm and what torque the winch i`ll be using has. i told the guy it would be comparable to a medium sized wrecker as that is best answer i could come up with. if it breaks i will get a bigger one. i have a pto on an old farm truck , but it goes to the rear. can you reverse direction? thanks larry

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    Some of the PTO's can be torn down and have the guts swapped in so that it drives the other way pretty simply. I 've done this already. The PTO I have on my transmission is a big military unit that is actually like a three speed transmission. It has a low, high, and reverse all in the PTO. It can't be changed to drive out the other direction. The only thing a guy could do with a big deuce tranny is to find a double output PTO from a wrecker or dump truck with a front winch. New, over $700 for the double out. I have the drive on the driver's side for both of my winches. The front drives though the front crossmember, via bearing housings, then chain drives up, and over to the winch drive. I did this so that the winch could be mounted higher and deeper into the truck. On my rear winch, it would be like taking a front winch straigh back the chassis and mounting it. The drive is still on the driver's side only I dissasembled the drive side and flipped the worm drive so that it could be driven from what was originally it's front side via a PTO and shaft from the NP205. It worked out great as you drive the rear PTO from the T-case through the tranny. My rear PTO is a Muncie unit with a reduction in it...which was perfect!! I've got 5 speeds pulling and 1 power out speed if needed. You pick up a deuce winch and you will not need to look any further. The drive parts in them are really beefy too!!
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