Re: stoopid brake questions
Post by robsgp on Nov 20, 2006, 8:26pm

There you go, from the teacher's mouth LOL . Nice post, Tim.

No kidding. That's why I usually print Tim's replies.

I thought maybe sthingy was the proper name for it. Now that you mention it it does look like a narrow s-p-o-o-n.

I put on the new Ford wheel cyliners all around. I haven't put the tires on yet but I did have a leak at the right rear which I think is corrected. I will disconnect one front hose first at the wheel then at the chasis and see what I get. I've seen the nos hoses for about $35 I think. Would braided stainless be better and how do they compare in price?

I never thought of a leak letting air in rather than fluid out.