SBC/SM465 swap
Post by texan on Nov 15, 2006, 1:52am

Looks like I'm going with the SBC/SM465 installation on my truck. I don't have any of the parts yet, so I would like some input on what parts are best in this swap. I know that this info was on the old board, but I'd like to get a fresh review before I start.

1) SBC--I'll probably go with a 4-bolt 350 that I can get in trade.

2) SM465-- Should I use a 2WD unit or 4WD? I seem to remember that a 2WD unit is preferable for the divorced t-case set up. I want to use this tranny for its economy and simplicity, as well as the availability of parts.

3)Transfer Case--From what I have read, the NP205 sounds like the best bet here. Should I go with a married set-up? Divorced? What parts will I need?

Please comment! I'd like to get a parts list together so that I can gather the pieces and get it together this winter.