Reverse lights switch for T98
Post by brute4c on Oct 31, 2006, 3:23pm

The recent spare engine I acquired came with the T98 on the back....THANKS TOM!!

This T98 has a switch for the reverse lights on I dont know what this setup came from, maybe homemade, and I havent seen what the factory used on T98's that did come with this switch...I just found it interesting and thought I would share. Kinda wonder if some states mandate reverse lights and so this may be of help to someone...

This is the switch mounted in the is sticking out of the rear of the top cover above the rear output and u-joint flange:

It was screwed into the left, as viewed from the rear, expansion plug hole. This is the rear of the reverse shift rail. I dont know if all T98's have this hole threaded...I doubt it but the manuals arent talking and I have never been in the top cover like that...anyway, heres what this one looks like:

The switch removed looks like this:

The switch, at left, is screwed into a coupler nut, that is screwed onto a stud. On the other end of the stud is a nut that screws tight to the trans case once the stud is screwed in tight. Through the middle of the stud, a "nail" shaft has been placed. This is sticking out of the right end of the stud.

Heres is the switch removed from the stud and nuts and the "nail" shaft below:

When this is screwed into the trans, and the shifter moved to reverse, the shift rail moves back and pushes the "nail" shaft through the stud into the back of the switch...simple enough.

The switch has a ball in the end that the "nail" shaft hits to close the switch and light the reverse lights:

Here is a shot of the "nail" shaft in the stud, standing on the bench:

This is the hole through the stud with the head of the "nail" shaft on the upper left...the outer 2 roughly machined areas in the stud dont do anything...just the nicely machined center hole does...that is what the "nail" shaft seats on.

Closeup of the part number on the side of the switch:

The switch has a name on it but I forgot...will update later...

Seems it would be easy enough to make with the right stud, drill it and put the seat for the head of the "nail" shaft in there, add a switch and a couple nuts and poof! Well....may need to tap the hole in the top cover...seems pretty straight forward though and it could be made shorter than this one using a shorter stud and "nail"shaft.

Does anyone know if this is what the civvy T98's used?