A different civvy wire conversion...
Post by brute4c on Oct 31, 2006, 2:42pm

The new spare motor I bought has the military ignition with civvy plug wires and plugs...I thught I would show how it was done for the record.
NOTE: I do not know if or how this motor ran with these wires. The guy I got the motor from hadnt run it either...so I dont know...but I dont see any problem with it running as well as the stuff I had done before I bought a civvy unit t replace the mil one.

OK...basically, there is a rubber piece that was slid onto the cap end of the wire, this was taped in place with a wrap of electrical tape. Then the inner and outer piece from the mil spark plug wire, the treaded cap part, was used to attach to the stock ignitor. A length of wire sticking out of the end of the rubber piece had the conductor sticking out of the insulation long enough to be able to be folded around the end of the wire..you can just make it out in at least one pic...I included a shot of the spark plug boot end and the number on these wires if it is of any use:

Seemed to work pretty well as far as fit and how tight and secure they were...thats Raymonds hand in the last pic...sorry, even I occasionally forget the quarter..