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    For all of you who have the Novak adapter installed, I'm wondering what other various and sundry parts I will need to buy in order to get my 77 flexplate 350 chebby wedged into my Jeep. Right now all I have is an engine and a little cash. Thanks!

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    Does flexplate mean it currently has a flywheel from an automatic transmission?

    A Novak kit should come with a flywheel to input shaft bushing

    You will need:
    Bellhousing from Chevy (Truck or Car may depend on what Novak kit you get)
    Flywheel with pressure plate and clutch disk
    Throwout bearing and clutch fork from Chevy
    The motor mount parts that bolt to the sides of your block

    You will need to fabricate or purchase motormount adapters
    You will need to fabricate clutch linkage cross shaft mounts

    Novak's website has a very good complete description on what is all involved to do the installation.


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    Here's the latest, fellers:
    Just bought a flywheel/clutch/trans and adapter on ebay. Hoping this will take care of most everything. Is there any info. on the fabrications that novak includes with the adapter that is NOT on the website? I did not want to part with the kind of money they wanted for their adapter, so I will not have the documentation they give you with it.
    Also, what kind of trouble am I going to run into when I turn an auto trans engine into a manual trans engine? I have not taken the flexplate off yet, as I want to be able to turn it with the starter for now.

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    You'll certainly have to chase down a pilot bearing, which may be a custom piece. I bet Novak would sell you that and the manual even though you didn't buy from them.

    You should also check that the ID of the bellhousing, where the tranny fits in, is concentric to the crankshaft. They have dowel pins between the block and bellhousing to keep the alignment and if it's very far out you'll be eating pilot bearings, pilot shafts and input bearings.


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    I put a small block in mine, works great, used the Novak kit. I recommend denting the firewall quite a bit deeper than their directions indicate. It was pretty straightforward. I converted to 12 volts, put lockers in both ends, lockouts, seals and front brakes and did the V8 conversion. It was 21 days after I drove it in that I drove it out. I used a shorty header for exhaust...Glen
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