Stock points/condensor/dwell/etc.
Post by fastfrankie on Dec 3, 2006, 3:18pm

Where can I get some new points and condensor for my stock 24 volt 230? AB Linn? I am sure Memphis has them but they are pricey...I wonder if these could be had at a local NAPA? Part numbers?

What gap do people use? The .020 stock setting?

How do I hook up my dwell meter? I have an old style dwell meter with needle and a newer digital one? What one is better to use? Any help on how to hook it up etc would be great.

My truck was always hard to start, especially cold, regardless of what the temperature was outside - summer or winter. I go to check the points and the screw was loose on the holdown and the point were at about .010. I regapped the points to .020 and now it runs/starts fairly quick. The old points do look a bit worn though...

Thanks, Frank