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Thread: fwdstuck : clutch problems??

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    Default fwdstuck : clutch problems??

    clutch problems??
    Post by fwdstuck on Oct 14, 2006, 11:05am

    My clutch on my truck is stuck. When I bought it, it was working fine. Like a brand new clutch. Then one day I started it up. And the clutch won't engauge. I took the plate off and looked at it.
    Everything looks good. Is it stuck to the flywheel or the pressure
    plate? If anyone has any info let me know. Thanks

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    Re: clutch problems??
    Post by fwdstuck on Oct 14, 2006, 2:07pm

    I finally got it broke loose. I had it in the river right before it done this. That might be the cause. I just took a piece of pipe to hold the clutch down. Put it in gear. And jack up one of the rear wheels. And kelp poping it untill it broke loose. I spayed the clutch disc with wd-40 while I was turning the wheel with my foot.

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    Re: clutch problems??
    Post by mikel on Oct 14, 2006, 3:58pm

    Next time your clutch sticks, pop the tranny into 4th gear, step on the brakes and start the engine

    I bought an 89 Mustang for $300 years ago. I got a call from the buyer, saying that the clutch had died and the car couldn't be driven, if I towed the car away that day, I could have it for $300. I freed up the clutch and drove away for $300

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