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Thread: Just Curious. Has anyone thought of portals?

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    With all the talk of Rockwells, has anybody thought about using portals? Maybe Unimog or Volvo axles. I think Unimogs would possibly fit, but I don't now anything about Volvo portals except the fact that they make them. I think we all know of the advantages of portals, but do any fit and how expensive are they?

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    Default Just Curious. Has anyone thought of portals?

    The problem comes in with any type of streetability with the Unimogs portals. From what I've gathered, 404 axles have a near 7.5:1 ratio and the 406's up in the 9:1 area. Great for a rock pig...too much for street and mph. There's a company using the 2:1 NP203 reducer box and adapting it the other way to make it a 50% overdrive but I've heard that they are pretty noisey being driven like that. There is also some special hardware needed to convert the axles from the tube driveshaft design to an open u-joint design. Sweet Axles doubt about it!!
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    Default 205 value?

    Spicer's right, they're waaaaaay low. Also, they might be a touch narrow... saw a Volvo axle at Factory Tubular, and just eyeballing it looked somewhat skinny for our rigs. Maybe not though. Plus, they aren't cheap, w/prices at like a grand for a stocker up front, and I think $750 rear? That's w/out any of the necessary modding.

    They do kick ass on the rockpigs though.
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    I saw an article about the "Humm Nine" in JP were somebody took a Ford 9" and attached Hummer portal ends on it. Thus creating a portal axle. I wonder if somebody with such as "Spicer's" fab skills could do the same for say a Dana 70 or GM 14 bolt. That would be the ultimate axle. I would spend some dollars on that. I might of just given away my claim to fame and a million dollars, but I know that I don't have the fabrication skill required (I wish to have the skill someday). I am going to talk to a friend of mine who is a gear head and a Military Motor Transport guy who has more Hummer knowledge than I have. I will see what he has to say about using "Hummer" ends to create portals.

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    yes, you will, as the last time I saw Hummer ends for sale, they were I think about $700 each. That's $1400 plus tax and shipping, times 2, plus custom axle shafts, say another $700 at least, plus the time to convert the front and dick around w/steering...... a minimum $3500, to go on a truck that is too big to REALLY benefit from them. Money no object, I'd take them just for the wow.
    Avalanche Engineering did something like this, but they made their own I think, if I recall the price on another set was like $10k.

    Hmmmm..... Good luck, but take pics if you get one done!
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