Vette Master Cylinder
Post by fastfrankie on Dec 23, 2006, 4:45pm

I am picking up a 76 manual Vette master cylinder tomorrow...I plan on mouting it up as well.

Three questions - I plan on lengthening the stock rod about 3/4" is that the right amount? Where is the best place to cut the rod before welding it into the 1/2" angle channel? Also, how long of a piece of channel do you use....about two inch piece? Pics would be great!

How many of you bench bleed the master on the truck? I usually do one in a vise, but it would be alot easier on the truck.

Also there is an old thread about all the parts needed at NAPA...for example a 3/16" line plug...and it give the number #131 but then there is an x3 next to it? What is the x3

Also there is an x2 next to the 3/16" line butt splice #302x2
What is the x2? Part of the part number i assume or times two?