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Thread: Spicergear, or anyone with 454's

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    I went to the junkyard to get a 350, and then found a 454. I have a few questions for someone with more knowledge. One, what did you all use to bolt up to the T98 (if you did). The other is whether you are utilizing the oil cooling lines from the 454, are they really necessary? Also was there anything else special/interesting or something you would have changed that was required to get it in the 715. Any and all help is hugely appreciated.

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    Default Spicergear, or anyone with 454's

    I uses a 427, but it's basically the same block design. I used a deuce and a half 3053A overdrive tranny and 13" clutch set up instead of the T98. Whatever you do, give yourself some a couple of inches off the firewall with the distributor and you'll have the room up front. I've got an HEI distributor, untouched firewall, four V pulley on the crank and a aluminum radiator with clearance all around the engine. It will fin pretty decently. Expect the pan to be close to the front pumpkin with the suspension flexed. You can either use a stock oil cooler design or go with a remote filter and cooler combo. Or...just slap on a filter and go. Let me know if you need a manual external balance flywheel for 454. I used old muscle car exhaust manifolds...shouldn't be too much difference to later model ones, to keep the exhaust somewhat close to the engine. I didn't have too, but wanted to and did move the frame horn motor mounts ahead on the frame and then used GM rubber and captive bolt motor mounts. The big block is a good fit and even clears a civvy heater.
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    I'll 2nd spicres comments...seen his truck and he has laid it out perfectly...fits great even with a stock type fan.
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    The oil cooler lines aren't necessary but very much a good idea
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    spicergear, where did you get the motor mounts? and did you use the factory horns that came in the truck. mine have been cut and moved forward about 2 inches. my local parts guy said he didnt have anything to match up with those mounts. thanks larry.

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    Larry, first, get a set of horns off a FSJ (wagoneers easy to find). They're welded across the top but easy to grind off. They bolt up to either the forward location for 6cyl and the rear for 8cyl, or vice versa. Spicer will hook you up w/adapter mount info, but it doesn't get much easier than his way, and it works great.
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    tacoma,thanks for the reply. till i found this website, i thought i had the only m715 left. i am going with the 454 as that is what i have. would like to know more about spicers tranny though. that overdrive sounds great. i have an sm465 right now thats going in. my motor mounts are whats holding me up right now. thanks larry

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    I'm glad to hear you have the room spicergear. I had planned on moving it as far forward as possible too. I was also planning on building my own mounts. Does your steering shaft go under or over your new mounts. It looks to me like that could be a clearance issue, but i guess only time will tell. If i'm correct the radiators with an AT have a few cooling rows at the bottom for the AT fluid, could i use these as my oil line cooler, or would they just clog? I really don't want to have the additional lines ran, but sounds like they're needed.

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    Larry: since Tom is slow in posting today hahahah I'll tell you about the mounts, from memory: they're plates with the Chevy mount on one end, and holes to mate up to the stock mounts on the other. Super simple, cheap, and extremely functional. He's got pics somewhere!

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    My experience is with a 6.2 diesel but I believe the bellhousing, motormounts and overall block size are about the same as the 454.
    I used a GM pickup bellhousing bolted up to the T98 tranny using an Advance Adapter (Novak's adapter would also work fine). I raised the engine up high enough to clear the stock M715 motormount horns and then fabricated a simple mount using a 4" square plate with a piece of pipe welded to it. I cut down the Chevy motor mounts, drilled new holes in them and everthing bolted right in. You can see a close up of part of my motormounts in the Member's Gallery under Rollie715. The valve covers hit the firewall so I took a sledge hammer and dented them in a bit (the firewall, not the valve covers ). If I didn't have a 4" body lift it may have been much tighter. I have a civilian firewall mounted heater and it cleared everything including my turbo manifild. The engine sits back enough that I added about 4" spacers to move the radiator back to fit the fan correctly. I needed to modify the clutch linkage cross shaft to clear the manifold and oil cooling lines. The stock steering shaft and pto winch shaft all had plenty of clearance.

    Hope this helps. I'm guessing the 454 would be a similar project to bolt up to the stock T98 tranny.


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