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Thread: Slipping wiper blades

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    Default Slipping wiper blades

    Is it normal for the vacuum wiper blades to slip from the top horizontal position to a near vertical position while driving or is there something I should be looking at fixing.

    I don't mind the passenger side doing it but it's really annoying when it happens on the driver's side while I'm driving. ARGH!

    My wipers do work but this is happening when the valve on the windshield frame is completely closed.


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    When I replaced my engine my passenger side wiper started doing this as well. I was thinking that the rebuilt 454 draws a little more vacuum and helps the blade drop down to the lowest position.

    I'm interested in a fix if there is one out there other then holding it up with a rubber band.

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    It's nice to see I'm not alone in this dilema. I wonder if the shut-off valve has some dirt in it that's preventing it from closing completely.

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    The vacuum wper motors don't really have a park or detent in them.

    At 40-45 they seem to do fine. Anything above that and the wind on the flat windshield will move them directly into your field of vision, particularly on the drivers side. I used a couple of o-rings to make a retainer for the levers when I wasn't using the wipers. Then I converted to electrics and eliminated the slow wipers and self adjusting blades.
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    I was thinking of making a couple little spring catches to hold the arms up... our current solution is to shove them all the way up over the windshield gasket.


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    hahaha, I thought I was the only one with that problem.I couldnt think of any solution either. So I hook the inside handles to micro bungie cords, the tiny 6 inch ones
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    Being that I'm married, I've learned over the years to ignore minor annoyances....
    It's normal for the wiper blades to default to the straight down position.

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    My drivers side would do it as well. I would just put it to the far up position and it would go over the windshield frame. That would keep it in place. I have replaced them with electric wipers so don't have the problem anymore.

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    I hook my passenger side over the rubber for the windshield and it stays. I made a zip tie loop on the vacuum hose to the left of the drivers motor. I can move the wiper all the way to the left, loop the handle with the zip tie and it will stay.
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    Default Rubber Bands

    The simple solution is mentioned above, "Rubber Bands", and is US Army approved! We did it all the time. It is not, in most cases, a leaky valve just vibration.
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