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Thread: teking : Tires that fit sticky

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    Default teking : Tires that fit sticky

    Tires that fit sticky
    Post by teking on Jul 27, 2006, 7:26am

    Is that information lost? Looking for the information that was listed for tires with stock lift. There was a listing for two Buck Shot Mudder sizes.

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    Default brute4c :

    Re: Tires that fit sticky
    Post by brute4c on Jul 27, 2006, 8:56am

    Stock Wheel Dimensions: Lugs are 5/8"x18TPI. Center hole is 5.5" diameter. Backspacing is 5.5". Width is 6.5 inches. Bolt pattern is 6 lug on a 7.25" spacing.

    900x16 ndt 34"
    900x16 Co-Op Grip Spurs 36" 30psi (max50)
    Yokohama Geolander M/T 315/75x16. 36" tall.
    michelin 1100x16 38" 60psi (max80)
    Super Swampers 16/36/12.5 about 35"tall
    Super Swampers 38.5x1100x16's boggers 37" slight rubbing
    Super Swampers 37x13x16 Boggers just rub the spring at full steer with just a little of the largest lugs.
    Super Swampers 38-13x16 TSLs"nubb -nubb-nubb against front leaf spring at full stuff/full cramp, but no hard-hits as of yet.
    Buckshot Mudders 305/85R16 (36x11x16)
    Buckshot Mudders Q78 16LT

    Super swamper SSR 37x12.50's fit great with no rub anywhere Diamond 16x10 wheels w/4.5" backspace.
    Gamma Goat 1100x18 NDT's with adapters
    NDT 9.00-20 tires on 6X6 riveted rims with alot of work. Rims MUST have rivets removed, be flipped around and reassembled for these to work. Also, the M715 pattern must be drilled into them. They will fit on a stock, non lifted M715. See the Louie715's truck in the Members Gallery for pics of his truck with them on it.



    DANA60/14 Bolt-NO LIFT
    michelin 1100x16 38" 60psi (max80) on 16x7 wheels 3.5" backspace
    BFGoodrich All Terrains 35x12.5x16.5 on 16x8 wheels 3.75" backspace

    DANA60/14 Bolt-SPINGOVER
    39.5"-15-15 Super Swamper TSLs 15x10 with 3.5" backspacing very slight rubbing of the front tires on the fender edges at full compression and the steering stops need to be adjusted to keep the lugs from rubbing the leaf springs.

    2.5 GMC axles - SOA
    53" Michelin 16.00x20 with split rims 3" traction lift
    42" 1100x20's NDT's on single style deuce wheels fit with virtually no rub and a lot of flex still.
    45.5" (395/85-20) Michelin XML's hubs out, 20x10 wheels, 6" back spacing, 45.5"x 15.5" will need considerable fender and front cab corner modifications for steering and articulation.

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    Default davenjeip :

    Re: Tires that fit sticky
    Post by davenjeip on Jul 28, 2006, 7:04pm

    Never ran anything with tubes in the tires before, so I am guessing that's where my confusion lies.

    From what I am used to, most of those tires seem really wide to work on that narrow of a rim.

    Does that cause any problems for anyone?

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