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Thread: xjchief : Muffler

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    Default xjchief : Muffler

    Post by xjchief on Jul 24, 2006, 4:01pm

    My stock muffler died and I need another. AB is out of them and I was wondering if anyone knew where to get another (cheap of course ).

    I'd like to keep the stock setup but I was also wondering if anyone had modded out another to fit.



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    Default tacomainoh :

    Re: Muffler
    Post by tacomainoh on Jul 24, 2006, 7:12pm

    I have a Magnaflow on the Burb that is pretty close in looks to the stocker..... bigger pipes though...

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    Default teking :

    Re: Muffler
    Post by teking on Jul 26, 2006, 7:28am

    Yeah I got mine from AB. Problem you will have with the modern models is that most don't have flanges. You may find your self welding the muffler in. Kinda kills the stock aspect of it.

    When I got my truck it had a fairly new exhaust system on it ..... all welded from the manifold to the rear. I torn that all out and bought stock pipes and a repro muffler from AB. I even have the often missing exhaust to frame hard mount bracket that mounts to the tranny mount.

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