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Thread: Need more stopping power!!

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    Hey!! Ya'll probabbly figured out by know that I'm new to the list. I am a member if IFSJA (since '98) and bought a M715 last year. Does anybody know if there is a disc brake conversion I can buy out there? I am having a hard time keeping drum brakes on the front. Besides the drums don't stopp 44s the way I like. ( I have already converted to power drum brakes)

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    There is not. Well, there is but it's A. wicked expensive and B. not currently stocked? but being produced shortly. The cheapest way to get better brakes is a GM axle swap, and that's about all I'll say for now. The stock axles are fine for stock-ish size wheels etc, but bigger or harder use will tax them severely, and then something will break, etc etc.
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    Default the new Hot Rod mag w/Starksy&Hutch on the cover

    There's also Helitool disc conversion and there's another one being worked on that would be a complete bolt kit...that, hopefully is only a few months out.
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    Spicer: who's making that? heheh
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    Jeremy, search the Pro Tools Coversion discussion on the open board, the last one has over 500 views so there's interest but Tacoma is ain't cheap. Me and at least two others are working a group order and there's a couple guys who are a maybe. The bolt up kit will cost you $850 an axle plus shipping then you gotta buy Ford F350 rotors,calipers and pads. I hear the Helitool kit is currently unavailable, it's cheaper too, but I'm not interested cause they only did fronts when they did them. Realistically, you're looking at $1200 an axle, maybe more...depending on your price at the parts store....and don't expect it in less than a month or two.
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    Alright...I'll let the cat outta the bag. I'm working on a bolt on disc brake assembly that would require about 10 minutes of work on the back of the hub with a grinder to remove a slight bulge in the casting near where it's machined...real easy stuff. Once that is removed the assembly will mate directly to the machined surface nice and clean. I currently have a rotor in my posession that should fit the bill and am working on rounding up a specific Wilwood caliper. This is being designed to work with factory wheels. If I'd be designing for a 'plate' wheel with no dish to the mounting face, I'd probably have a set done. I've been working on this while a couple of other project are going on. I'm hoping to have at least a viewable complete assembly done in the next month or so...but I don't entirely control all the variables. This won't go the wayside like cheap fuel tanks...

    Later all,
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    spicergear, i too remember the cheap fuel tanks!
    good job spicer, i hope you do it

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    Wow...that would be the deal of the century!!
    Keep me posted!!
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    Spicergear, if you need a "plate" wheel as you call it, I read that to mean flat, as in Diamond wheels, I'll send you one to mock up. I have one that's not mounted. I'm obviously interested in your idea as an option, assuming you're willing to share it with the likes of me.
    Mine just keeps getting taken further apart.

    Maybe it\'s all the beer.

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    Spicer, I also have a Diamond 16x10 wheel w/4.5" backspace. I'll drive it out to you if you need it for mock up. Mike Petrus

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