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Thread: brute4c : Cab bow measurements

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    Default brute4c : Cab bow measurements

    Cab bow measurements
    Post by brute4c on Jun 5, 2006, 3:48pm

    OK...since people have been asking, I measured everything on a cab bow that I could think of and included a couple pics for reference...remember, both the front and rear cab bows are with the following info, even if you have no bows, you should be able to make 2 and be set.

    Pic of bow:

    Note that the bow has big curves at the ends and a slight bend in the middle of the long run to both is not flat across the top.

    Straight line length from center to center of the bottom of the bow ends: 54.25 inches
    Overall length of bow measured along its surface from end to end, outside of the curves, top in the above pic: 68 1/4 inches.
    Overall length of bow measured along its surface from end to end, inside of the curves, bottom in the pic above: 6 3/4 inches.
    Outside diameter of tube: 1 inch
    Inside diameter of tube: 7/8ths inch
    Wall thickness: 1/16ths inch
    Sitting as in the above pic, distance to bottom of bow exactly in the center: 9.5 inches
    Sitting as in the above pic, distance to top of bow exactly in the center: 10.5 inches
    Length of straight vertical section on bow ends, measured on the outside, before the curve starts: 8 3/4 inches

    2nd pic:

    Notice the piece of grey angle iron below the bow....
    Measuring from the end of the bow on the upper right, down the side of the bow itself, down toward the angle iron....

    10 inches to the angle iron, 9 inches to the bottom of the bow at that point.

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    Default hiker :

    Re: Cab bow measurements
    Post by hiker on Jun 5, 2006, 11:34pm

    Jon, Thanks for taking the time to post this info! As always, much appreciated.

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