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Thread: texan : Tulsa Winch

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    Default texan : Tulsa Winch

    Tulsa Winch
    Post by texan on May 8, 2006, 10:33pm

    I picked up an old Tulsa Winch tonight. Does anyone know how to ID these as far as capacity? It's a low-mount PTO driven model; probably weighs 250# plus. I couldn't see an ID plate on it. It has the number "800" cast below "OKLA" on the cover, and the number "636" cast on the worm gear housing. May be too big for the M715. Any help would be appreciated.



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    Default kwai :

    Re: Tulsa Winch
    Post by kwai on May 8, 2006, 11:04pm

    I've still got your windshield from barry. Just don't want you to forget about it.

    You might try contacting tulsa winch. they are still in business.

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    Default elliott :

    Re: Tulsa Winch
    Post by elliott on May 10, 2006, 6:55pm

    Here's Tulsa's link:

    If you ended up scoring the Model 18 it's a 20,000Lb sweetie:

    It does have the #800 cast into the side under Oklahoma. Nice snag, I've missed on a couple of these hogs!
    Here's the sales lit on it:

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    Default texan :

    Re: Tulsa Winch
    Post by texan on May 12, 2006, 12:16am

    Thanks for the info, guys! I got in touch with Tulsa Winch and they tell me the winch is a model 18L, a 20,000# winch. I looked up the manual online. Looks like mine is missing a handle, but that's still available from Tulsa Winch.

    Elliot, is that yours in the photo? If so, could you post a pic of the other side, so I could see the handle?

    Steve, thanks for the reminder on the windshield. I didn't forget--yet. I hope to be putting this truck together at the end of the summer, so I'll need it soon for paint prep. I hope to come down and get it in early June, I'll email you on that.

    Anybody ever use a winch like this on an M715? It looks a bit large--weighs 325#. Spicer's is a 20,000# Garwood winch on Velvet, right? Are any pics of that still around?

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    Default elliott :

    Re: Tulsa Winch
    Post by elliott on May 12, 2006, 8:01am

    It's not my winch, but I do have more pics of it I'll check out when I get home tonight. I've seen two of these sell for right around $200-250 and I am so kicking myself in the butt that I didn't have the $ at the time. I think you'll find it's real large for a front install, my 12,000 Ramsey PTO looks like it's going to be a big pig on the front of my '65 Gladiator. You should see the size of the roller fairlead for the 14" spool! If you decide to part with this thing let me know.
    Incidentally, Ramsey made a real sweet 20,000Lb low mount pto winch that is a lot more compact and looks like it would make for a nice front install.
    This is my Ramsey:

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    Default elliott :

    Re: Tulsa Winch
    Post by elliott on May 13, 2006, 8:15am

    You can see what the clutch handle looks like in the sales lit link I posted above: I don't have any other pics of the same winch showing the handle.

    Here's a big Ramsey, they had a cover over the clutch and a different shifter set up:

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