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Thread: Light up those dark times under your hood

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    Default Light up those dark times under your hood

    Having no idea what to do with a cheapo pair of plastic housing aux driving lights, I discovered that they fit on the underside of the hood!

    If you're familiar with FSJ's, the mounting spot is right where the hood latch hardware would be. The passenger side of my hood accepted a bolt, so that side is bolted on. The driver side has the fog lamp tab welded onto the inside skin of the hood. Wire the lights up to a switch and you're in business. The way the lights need to be angled in order not to be crushed by the header panel, they light up the engine compartment perfectly. With both lights on, it's better than daylight. You can see jsut about EVERYTHING.

    This was done on a 715 with a civilian header panel, but the hood is (AFAIK) OE.

    Hope someone else here can benefit from this idea. Now you'll actually look forward to diagnosing a problem under your hood! <g>


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    Ethan that's a slick tip there... thanks man!
    **I heart Bump_r **

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    The FD did that to one of mine, never saw it work as I sold the truck, but it looked slick.
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    Great idea Ethan! Has anyone ever seen the retractable lights with a reel under the hood of a late model Ch*vy truck? My grandpa had one and I showed it to him to his amazement. It was long enough to go around the whole truck. Just reel it in when your done. Not as good a light as Ethans suggestion, but I thought it was cool. I have a 12 volt flood light with a magnetic base I keep in the CJ. Plugs into the cigarette lighter. Stick it to any body panel and work away. You can never have enough light. I have under dash, backup tractor lights mounted sideways for rotation 90 degrees to the rig, roll cage light, and chassis lights. All I need is what Ethan suggests. I'll have to work on that one. The wag will get the same when it is done, if that ever happens...

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    hey that's an even better idea. There is some room underhood in most of our trucks, a big light might work just fine..... hmm.....
    **I heart Bump_r **

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    Here is where you can sere pictures of the setup. Enjoy!

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