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Thread: ring and pinion swap

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    i have a set of 4.56 gears out of a 1980 1ton 4x4 chevy, the front is a dana 60, no one around here is sure exactly what the rear housing is. i want to know if i can swap these into my m715, since new gears are kind of spendy. if anyone has done this please let me know. also, can you mount the pto from an m715 transmission onto the chevy 4speed? if it will not work, i will stay with the original equipment.

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    The stock front axles 30 spline in the M715...dont know on the chevy.
    The rear is 23 spline, Dana 70...all the 70's have the number 70 cast on the housing,visible from the rear in the area just to the side of the cover on a wedge shaped reinforcer plate from the center section to the axle tube...if the one you have is not a 70...stock chevy probably not, I wouldnt think there would be any interchange there.
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    Default GM 6.2L Diesel question

    Larry: if you're talking about swapping the whole assembly, by all means do it. Not sure if just the R/P will fit, and even if they did, why not swap the whole thing? If you are looking to keep it stock, sell the Chevy stuff and you'll more than pay for the new R/P, install, etc. Front GM 60's are going for 1500+ out here.
    The rear is likely a 14bolt, possibly a 70. If the diff cover is real angular, and has 14bolts, it's a... 14bolt! They did use 70's very rarely.
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    A 1980 ,1 ton 4X4 , would have had a 14 bolt in it from the factory. Swap the entire front and rear axle assy's in and you will have a great set up. The PTO will NOT work. M1028
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    well, now i am sick. i let a friend of mine have the whole front axle for almost zip. had no idea it was worth more than what i paid for the whole truck. luckily i still have the rear axle, and the gears out of the front. i do have a 78 4x4 but it is a cab and chassis model. now how do i put a winch on without going with an electric one?

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    Larry, find a PTO for you manual tranny and hope for a direct path from it to the front of the truck. You can make it go around something if necessary, but bearing hangers and that jazz can be a pain in the neck. A trick I used for my front winch was to go directly from the PTO to the front crossmember. I used a holesaw and punched a hole though that and mounted bearinp plates on it to support the shaft. On the front side I chain drov it up and driving from the five o'clock position to the nine o'clock position for the winch. Works real slick and wouldn't have cleared any other way. I used a solid 1" shaft, welded to an agriculture U-joint at the PTO and built in a slip yoke before the other U-joint at the frame. I also had to use a shorter oil filter, but I plan to go to a cooler and remote filter at some point so it doesn't bother me to use a shorter style fram. When I was testing the combination, I stalled my 427 from 1700rpm without breaking anything.
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    spicergear, did use the sm465 with your big block? the transmission i have(SM465) has a cover on it in the same place as the m715 trans. thats why i was wondering if the m715 pto would work. what did you build your motor mounts out of? i have a 454 in another truck i could use instead of my small block. i would really like to look at someones conversion so i could figure mine out. thanks for the info. larrywatkins

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    Larry I think the teeth dont' mesh. Spicer's got a deuce tranny if I recall. It's slick. If you can find one, a manual tow truck usually has a pto/465 deal... to run the hydraulics. They're still available new too, for the 465. Spicer's motor mounts are slick.. real easy too.
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