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    I'm converting to power steering. How do you recommend removing the steering shaft? Separate the rag joint? Suggestions please? Thx

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    I used one out of a 1978 fsj sport wagoneer. I used the steering shaft from the fsj and it had the rag joint. They just bolted right up with a little grinding on the radiator support cross member to clear the front of the power gear box. I would like to find out who make a steering shat with hem joints that will bolt in. The headers on my motor have cooked the black jucie right out of the slip joint. So if you find out who makes a soild shaft that will bolt in let me know. Lee

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    Yes, seperate at the rag. There's a metal tab connecting the shaft side to the box side so that your column is grounded to the truck, if you use a replacement rag, be sure to put that back...I don't know, but I'll bet it grounds the horn.
    Lee, Borgeson makes exactly what you want. Go to and you can see them. I used a 70's GM box with 36 splines, so I think one from a full size GM truck (36 splines too) will bolt it, but I'm still trying to figure out what to use as a column since I bent mine removing the cab....... I called Borgeson months ago and they said they could make a custom shaft for about the same money.....starting at about $200-$225.
    I think Spicergear posted along time ago about welding up u joints in place of the least someone did. Good Luck.
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    The Jeep power steering box, 74 and up in full size, and the GM CAR box are the same box. The TRUCK box is different in the mounting...outside of frame if memory serves for the truck versus inside for the others...M715's use the Jeep/GM car box.

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    Default ring and pinion swap

    Thanks for the information I be looking into it and post what I come up with. Lee

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    Brute's right about the truck box-don't go there. For the shaft though, your main concern should be spline count, then lenght. If you figure out if a GM car , GM truck, or whatever is a direct bolt up POST IT for sure. I tried to find the universal joint weld up reference on the old board but for some reason, my computer isn't moving fast enough to satisfy my patience level, so I'm still not certain of who posted what when........

    Jon, how are you feeling by the way?
    Mine just keeps getting taken further apart.

    Maybe it\'s all the beer.

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    Jegs sells a u-joint to replace the rag joint. they also have a u-joint that will work on the column end. I replaced the solid shaft in between with a collapsible one from mid 70's chevy truck. melt the plastic retainer and it will adjust to proper length and is a lot safer than stock solid shaft.

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    Hot and easy ticket: FSJ box/Pitman arm, Borgeson shaft/Ujoints. The Borgeson stuff is a little pricey but rag joints make me nervous and Ujoints don't.
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