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Thread: Fresh air heater core?

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    Anybody out there have a source or part number for the heater core. Mine is leaking, the controls work good and the air is hot, but the dripping needs to stop, not to mention the steamy windows.

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    In the online manuals link over on the left side, there is a link for the M715 Parts List....this is a list of parts that has been found at local auto parts stores or sometimes other places, that fit the M715 family. Under heater cores, the following is listed:

    These are the Balkamp/napa #'s I came up with,
    '72-77 660-3053
    '78-91 660-3097
    Both #'s are for FSJs
    from wi715 14 Jan 02

    the part number for the Gladiator is 399244. it is the same height and width but it is only 2 inches thick.
    from krob725 28 Dec 01

    Ready Aire part number 399241.
    Ready Aire (GDI) is sold through all radiator shops in the US and Canada. also in Autozone,Pep Boys, Hi/Lo, O'Reilly, Checker, Parts Plus, Poppe, Gonzalez, Schuck's,Kragen,Big Wheel/Rossi,and Carquest auto parts stores. did i miss any? oh yea, NAPA sells a different brand.
    from krob725 27 Dec 01

    The company name is Ready-Aire, their part number is 399043. It also has two other numbers listed, the first one is 4 Seasons #94557, the second one is Murray Inc. # 279129. The dimensions are 10 3/4" x 6 3/8" x 2 1/2". 5/8" inlet & 3/4" outlet. The core itself is a GM replacement, it is identical to my original with the exception of the inlet/ outlet tubes. The new ones are longer by +/- 6".
    mike petrus 12/25/01

    That should cover you!!
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    I took mine in to the local radiator shop for a checkup before rebuilding my heater. It just needed the hose nipples resoldered thanks to some neanderthal (me) pulling on the old crusty hoses. Price for a repeat customer - $0. They did recommend that if it was something more serious that it's just a few bucks more to replace the whole thing than to repair.


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