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Thread: Buick 455 - Anyone running one?

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    Default hood mount air cleaner hose

    If so, I've got some questions. I've got the stock heater box and fan. It looks like the 455's valve cover is going to hit the heater box. Yes, no?

    Any problems with the oil filter clearing?

    Any problems with hood clearance? What type of air cleaner do you have?

    What tranny are you using? I'm leaning towards a short-tailed Th400, althought OD would be nice.

    Have you got a front or rear sump oil pan? Any clearance problems there?

    Were motor mounts a problem?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I"m going to be running one, it's in the garage in need of gaskets at the moment.

    Yeah, looks like the valve cover will hit. No biggie, because MY heater is under the dash. And I'll be replacing it w/the Mojave deal from Flexalite, as it leaks. Maybe the leak can be fixed.

    The rest of the stuff is unkown at present, as it isn't in yet BUT let me say this: I'm currently running (or parking, really) a Ford 460, mounted pretty much on top of the original frame horns, and it's got room for a 6" tall air cleaner on top of an AFB. The Buick on fabbed mounts should be lower, and I think it is anyway, but that's a sight estimate, not actual numbers.

    I've got the short-tailed 400 that came w/the motor, no trouble there either.

    Rear sump pan, looks to be smaller than the Ford that's on, no trouble there either.

    Pics in the summer.
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    Definately keep me posted, you'll probably finish before I will. I THOUGHT all I had to do was replace some gaskets on the motor, until I found a small crack on the No. 2 piston skirt. Needless to say, a rebuild was not in the original budget. But, on a positive note, it gives me an excuse to include some hp upgrades.

    In the meantime you should: 1. trade heaters with me, and 2. Trade 400's with me as mine is the longtail and probably won't fit without moving the T-case.


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    Default John Summers kicks butt at Grayrock

    Beachtruck, I have a 69 wag with the buick 350. Currently that 350 motor is on a stand right next to a buick 455. I believe the 455 is about a 1/2 inch wider at the top of the valve covers than the 350. The 455 is longer of course but I don't think you will have any problems. It will be close but it should fit. I'm going to go home and tinker with the duece tonight. I'll double check the width on both motors and post if I was mistaken. The only way this would be different is if the frame horns on the m715 are offset differently than a wag. Not sure about that but I will look tonight...

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    Thanks, that's encouraging. Please let me know when you get a chance to compare the frame horns.

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    HI guys I have a 455 in my 715 i didnt have much trouble at all. I supose it would depend on what other mods your doing. I used the running gear out of a 75 J20 with a 4 speed the bellhousing is off a 69 wagoneer that had the 350 buick its a direct bolt up to engine/trans i used the 75 J20 motor mountsoff the frame and left the 455 mounts on the engine. idid have to make small changes because the 455 mounts arnt straight across from each other. there was plenty of room front to back there was also plenty of clearance with the oil pan/starter/etc hope this is of some help

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    455 that's cool to hear... I was looking at it, the car it came out of was pretty low/tight, so I reasoned that it ought to fit just fine. I've currently got a 460 in there, I hate it, but it's bigger heightwise, and it fits fine. So should be no trouble.
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    how about a pontiac 400 ? anyone doing this?

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    Beachtruck, I'm running a TD427BBC and clear a civvy style heater box by like and inch. If THAT'll clear.
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    Ok, let's hope so.


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