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Thread: Bobbing the bed.

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    Heh, heh, heh.... The part of the bed you cut away looks like the best part!

    It looks like you notched it for the fenders and used that end piece as an overlay over the rot, huh? Clever....
    -- Tim Taylor

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    Yeah, killed a few birds with one cut on that one

    I had actually planned on making the bob about 6" shorter.
    Basically putting that rear verticle brace up against the bottom of the fender flare. That would have also put the bumper AT the shackle mounts. I wanted to make a new rear bumper with the shackle mounts intergrated, but ran out of time.

    Still, I was SO happy with how it looked after cutting off all that extra frame and bed!

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    I merge your old post from Feb 8th with this one. Doubled up on the pictures. I have been merging post that are the same topic. This can be done after they are in the archive section as well.

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    I love the look, But i use the full size bed to much to do it,maybe i should get another truck and do it any ways, Good job.

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