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    Sometime ago, I puchased defroster ducts from VPW. Somehow I got 2 sets instead of 2 ducts. It wasn't worth the shipping to send it back which VPW offered to do. This is not a pick on VPW post, they did great. I now have 2 NOS defroster vents that I have no use for. I am also making a HVAC unit for my M715. The defroster ducts will fit under the dash real good. My need is for a vent at the end. The long narrow part that will be facing me. Any ideas? I'm just looking for a way to direct the air at me. It doesn't even need to be moveble. Once I get it where I want it, I won't need to ever move it.
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    If I could only find the pics....I took a bunch of pics of a guys truck last summer with a diesel, 4 wheel discs and AC....really nice truck from Minnesota...anyway, he had cut 4 holes in the dash...roghly 2 inches or so each, round, and put a kind of open diamond plate pattern metal lattice in a round holder and mounted it. The holder was kind of like a gauge bezel, the lip at the edge thats about 1/8 to 1/4 inch wide and this holder sticks back in the dash and has the hose mounted to it...painted OD with the rest of the interior, it looks appropriae for the truck...doesnt stick out as odd at all.
    I know I took a bunch of pics....if I find them, I will get a few up for ya to see.
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    you need ideas? all 3 of mine are under dash, and they are CHEAP from

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