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Thread: Pro Tool Disc Brake Conversion Price

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    back your facts up before you call me a liar

    No one's calling you a liar Lee so calm down partner, I just don't see why you're interjecting here, as if you're trying to talk the gang OUT of this group order that's all. Your first set of numbers, like $350 for lock out hubs,$1000 for gears....too high.

    Earlier you posted on how you got negative response when you tried to do a cool deal, like you're stainless steel tank. I don't recall anyone posting about how you should just buy a fuel cell, remove the foam, install a sending unit and have a cheaper,safer, better alternative. As a Moderator and semi-offical ambassador of The Zone I can't ask you to butt out, but you of all people should understand the frustration of trying to put together a group order and then watching it start to fall apart in the 11th hour.

    I've followed what you've done to your truck on The Pirate site-seen all the pictures and I think it's super cool....but not for me. Like Mike, I wanted a tested, reliable disc brake conversion. I have not the time nor the inclination to tear my truck down any further. Quit beating your chest... no one's calling anyone a liar... you should know I would be the last to question a cops integrity- lose that and you may as well find another job. Let the Topaz bashing begin.......

    I'm still keeping my fingers crossed.
    Mine just keeps getting taken further apart.

    Maybe it\'s all the beer.

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    im sorry for taking it that way. ill edit the top, and butt out. moderator or not, i dont want to bother ya'll.

    i agree that the ease of being able to use what you have has an intrinsic value too.

    1000 for gears was what i remember the guy who changed his axles to from 5.87 to 4.56 said . i may be wrong, but with two install kits and gears i thought it was high too, but i remembered it was HIGH!

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    $1000 for gears sounds about right, counting all the parts and labor for front and back . At least according to my previous experience with my ford ranger and four wheel parts wholesalers.

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    counting all the parts and labor
    My dumbass is still hoping I can do the gear install myself. I asked once if anyone thought I was smoking crack, but no one answered up....... maybe that means everyone thinks I really am.

    Kalikraven, don't forget Rich has a pile of take off calipers for sale cheap........
    Mine just keeps getting taken further apart.

    Maybe it\'s all the beer.

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    Could one of you guys post when you buy the kits or send me a PM. I think this thread should be in the Modified board so that people looking for this kind of thing in the future can find it easier. I'll delete this post and move the complete thread when you guys are done with the deal. Thanks.
    Remember if you didn't build it you can't call it yours.

    6.2 powered M715, 5 M1009's, M416, 2 M101's, 2 M105's, 3 M35's, M1007 6.5 turbo Suburban project called Cowdog.

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    We'll I'am glad that I have a welder..........

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    Quote Originally Posted by jeepm715
    We'll I'am glad that I have a welder..........
    Umm, I guess I'm slow, what do you plan on doing with a welder that relates to this?
    mike f

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    I think he's talking about welding up his spider gears in the differentials so that both axles turn 100% of the time, similar to the effect of a Detroit No Spin locker or a spool. Backyard mechanics call this a "Lincoln Locker." I guess that means backyard mechanics must not have wire feeders, otherwise there would be a "Miller Locker" too. I've had it done to derby cars, but I wouldn't do it to my M715, but there's a lot of wheelers who do it, I've just never met anyone who recommends it.

    So Mike, how's your brakes buddy? Ever thought of refinancing the house and installing four wheel discs?

    Mine just keeps getting taken further apart.

    Maybe it\'s all the beer.

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    That's what I thought he was talking about too, I just didn't remember reading anyone complaining about locker prices. As for my brakes, ha, riiiiight, yeah they're stock. As much as I'd love to refinance the house and get some, I'm 25 and don't have a house, I don't have much of anything really so alas, no disks for me. Not any time soon anyway.

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    Hi guys, I just through that statement in there.I know what there talking about ,I went through the same delemma about which disc brakes to use or not. so I stayed with the stock brakes and baught a welder,then I can make my own.

    Happy Trails,

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