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Thread: Michelin Xml's 325/85R16 mounting and tube?

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    I think i want a set of these things. The only question i have is how do i get them mounted on the stock rims. They measure 39" high x 13" wide.

    Do I use a tube? if so where do I get the tubes?

    or Will I need new wheels and lose the split rim? diamond? stockton? etc.

    If so who makes the cheapest wheels in a 16X10 or so?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Someone on here has a post about this. I think they used a 10.00X20 tube if memory serves and used stock wheels. The real question is have you found a cheap source for these tires.......c'mon help a brother out.

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    No great deal. Just the militarytires people. 65% tread for 85$ a piece. + 100-150 for shipping. I figure 65% tread on an XML will last at least as long as a bogger if not longer.

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    Use 11.00x20 radial lowboy tubes and thank me later. Inflate them in the tire carcass until they start coming in towards the bead then plop it over the wheel, put the stem out, beat on the ring and finish inflation.
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    The XML's are a little wider (12.7") than the 11x16 XL's.

    Do you think those tubes will still be solid?

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    That's not a bad price. Do you have an address or phone#

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    My gut says yes as it was a pretty heavy tube...but...
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    Well I ordered a set of 5 today! They have about 1/2" tread left and are re-groovable another 1/2 inch if needed.

    560.00 shipped to my door. I am buying them from Michele Knautz in Canada. Her number is 450-424-2399 and her e-mail is "Michele Knautz" <>.

    I'll let you guys know how it works out.

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    Post pictures like before mounting and after mounting would be nice. Some of us are visual
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    anyone else deal with these folks? I know that one member here has been to her place. I am getting ed!

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