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Thread: michelin xl tubes and flaps?? help!!

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    Default michelin xl tubes and flaps?? help!!

    just bought a set of xl`s for the truck,used $100 each,good shape. now having trouble with a valid source for tubes and flaps, sites i`ve seen on here lead me nowhere,out of business? anybody have a source that you`ve dealt with in the past year? local shop have no clue! HELP!!

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    I bought my tubes from gemplers. They are 900x16 tubes. The local les schwab supplied the flaps, they had them in stock. I think the tube part numbers were TR77A. I put 1100x16 XZL tires on my stock rims which I had les schwab powder coat black. You should be able to do a web search for gemplers I think they are based in wisconsin.
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    try here:

    ask for Rusty.

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    Is that International Tire & Tube's new site, Kwai?

    The only trick with the tubes is that the valve stem needs to be long enough, and have the right bend in it. (TR75A stem?)

    If Kwai's link doesn't work, try here:

    International Tire & Tube
    1218 Brittmoore Rd
    Houston, TX 77043
    (713) 973-8880

    Kwai's link will probably work though....knowing Kwai!
    -- Tim Taylor

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    It is their site and the link works.

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    I had the same problem. I bought Michelin XL's for $100 each, and couldnt figure out where to get tubes. You just use regular 9X16 radial tubes with the valve stem in the middle. I guess the tubes that go with the original tires do not flex enough? Out of desperation, I used 7.50X16 radial tube on one tire, and its been fine ( for a couple months now). I had a flat, no spare, but Adirondack Tire had these 7.5X16 in stock for $20 a piece.
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    i would think that any place that sells tractor tires would have those tubes. They are pretty common in the 11.00x16 size for the front of tractors. Our local co-op has them in stock all the time. Incidentally that is who will be mounting my new xzl tires. I don't mess around with split rings on wheels. Snakeater
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    As I mentioned, the right valve stem is the real trick. At the last National FE, Barrman got a correct tube, but the valve stem just wasn't long enough and/or at the right angle so the tube simply couldn't be used. I'm not saying only one valve stem design will work, but what I AM saying is that there are some that won't. Caveat emptor.
    -- Tim Taylor

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    You can "make" any of them work. A pair of vice grips, 3 people and the knowledge that Tim was bringing a fully mounted XL along allowed me to get that tube to fit.

    By the way, I bought a pair of the correct tubes from Rusty when we got back from the FE, installed one and put that tire on the truck. Making the small stem a mounted tire in the horse barn that I would swap out "later." Almost a year to the day later when pulling back into my drive from a week long trip to Boy Scout camp in the M715 I had a flat on the same tire. The small tube tire got put on and I haven't gotten around to fixing the correct tube yet. Matter of fact, I rolled the not holding air correct tube assembly out of the way yesterday while cleaning up some. I guess CCR had it right 40 years ago. "Someday never comes."
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    Heh, heh, heh....

    I thought you gave up trying to use that tube and just went with my spare XL. Or do I remember wrong (as with most everything else these days!)?
    -- Tim Taylor

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