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    This is not a post about headers v iron manifolds. This is about how people have routed the drivers side pipe. I see several options.

    1) Side pipes, exit the pipe before the fuel tank.

    2) Cross over before the trans crossmember like a stock system, then duel pipes running parallel the rest of the way back.

    3) Cross over into a single pipe and muffler.

    4) Outside of the frame. Get the system outside of the frame up by the front spring mounts. Then put mufflers and everything else out there also.

    Thats all that I can think of. I am looking for what people have done and pro's and con's of it. Thanks.
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    Default V8 Exhaust

    Another variation is to go thru the crossmember and have the driver side crossover just under the rear driveshaft output yoke/e.brake assembly, then run them both parallel to the stock tailpipe location.
    It is real tight up in the chassis with nothing hanging down below the frame. I ran mine with this set up for a while, then removed the tailpipes and installed 45 degree turndown pipes to bring out the true Flowmaster sound.

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    mine are routed to each side, in front of the rear wheels about a foot. Puts the muffler right under your feet, and is very hot w/no insulation on the floor. I like Mike's idea.... sounds pretty slick.
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