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Thread: J-20 wiring harness

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    Has anyone used a wiring harness from a civvie j series in a m715 . if so how big a headache is it to hook up and will you use enough of it to justify the trouble?

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    I havent, but consider this: the connection at the firewall will be way different, so you'd need to splice both sides. If you're swapping in the j20's engine (and I'll guess this is what you're getting at?), use the harness on the motor, and on the other side of the firewall, you can either splice all the interior and brake lights to the J20 harness, or get all DIY and make a whole new harness. I have to do that as my original harness is totally ugly and sort of scary.

    btw if you're in central PA we should get together next time I'm out, in like April/May. Spicer of course is near Harrisburg.
    **I heart Bump_r **

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    I am doing a drivetrain swap from j-20 so I will probably take your advise. I would like to meet up sometime but I am in texas and a thousand miles from nowhere. I am going to try to make the field exercises one of these days.

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    If you use the J-harness, w/the Jdrivetrain, you should be fine. You'll have to wire up the gauges and the rear harness but that shouldn't be too much hassle.
    just so you know, I CAN read, doing too much at once and got you confused w/poster in the other window: MY BAD! lol...
    **I heart Bump_r **

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