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Thread: Binder brake swap?

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    I know that early 70's IH 1 tons had the same bolt circle as ours and dana 70 front axles. does anyone know if they had disc brakes as well? if so they might be a source of brake parts. if nothing else maybe the rotors.

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    Default Binder brake swap?

    They have drums too. M1028
    If your not breakin\' something - Your NOT makin\' enough torque !!

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    I know this is an old post, but where those IH drum brakes self adjusting? Might there be a way to get self adjusting brakes on these beasts? This whole "crawling under the truck to adjust brakes all the time" gets old after a while.

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    mebbe.. might be worthwhile to consider, what makes brakes self-adjusting? Perhaps an easier retrofit can be had.

    one ton IH trucks are nearly as rare as our rigs. In fact, thinking about it, I think I've seen more 715s!
    **I heart Bump_r **

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    I stumbled onto a field full of old(60's&70's?) International Harvester
    Oil Rigging trucks a year or so ago, right at the Texas/Oklahoma border.
    If their rare this old man north of me has a goldmine.
    1969 M715

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    The D70 fronts don't seem to be very abundant, but from what I've learned from one of our senior members is that you're still dealing with the same axle whoas where big torque and big tire will still pop and axle. Granted, it's pretty sweet to have that hunking ring gear for added strength, but who the hell ever heard of us stripping a front closed knuckle D60 ring gear? You'll get big points for cool factor, but for what?
    Big Blocks RULE!

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    For the cool factor, duh! LOL
    The extra weight is nice too.. uh...

    I finally saw a d70 front end, w/discs, have no idea what it was out of but it was enormous and made me all sweaty and giddy, for some reason. Maybe it was a magic axle.
    **I heart Bump_r **

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