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Thread: Custom axle shafts...

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    Is it possible to have custom axle shafts made for the stock M-715 front end? Say, for instance, special alloy, cr-mo or cryo'd... And then maybe use a u-joint like a CTM or something similar... If so, has anyone done this? Aside from price, what other problems are there with this idea? If it is possible, it sure would change people's poor opinion of the stock front end. Whadyathink?

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    We've been round this before. For the cost of upgrading to a mega-buck CTM and Cryo jobbie you could install a later model open knuckle 60, put alloys and a posi in that...AND have disk brakes. Our front 60's get kind of a bad wrap as it's a LOT more difficult to put 40" gummies on any other truck where we can slap in some pucks and be rolling. No stock axle is gonna be all that long for this world, even a late model 60, with big gums and big right, foot. Oh, and U-joint strength doesn't seem to be a problem.
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    MMTH: yes, but why bother? You'll still snap the ears off the knuckle. Remember the weak link theory: there always is one, you decide what. Upgrade your shafts and the u-joints blow. Upgrade the ujoints and the knuckle gets it. My new 60 will likely have the u-joints as the fuse as they are the cheapest to replace.
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    Simple enough right?
    Either that or Portals

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    Tacoma, as on your new dana 60, wouldn't it be better to upgrade the shafts and have the u-joint be the weak link? Just curious...

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    Here we go again. You guys that want to have a weak link need to explain something to me. Keep in mind that I am VERY narrow minded. If you were going to go bungy jumping, what would the weak link be ??? Or how about if you were going to build an airplane, a helicopter, or a submarine ??? What if you were working on the space shuttle ?? See what I am getting at. Weak links are nothing other than an excuse that it wasn't built right the first time. M1028
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    I agree with barry. Also keep in mind when your weak link fuse blows, nine times outa ten it will knock the ears of the shafts, even high dollar shafts. When it blows youll most likely be hard on the gas.

    Yeah its a hummer! Did I mention its for sale.

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    You, Sir, are absolutely correct and I hereby bestow upon you the Honorary Title of Modified Forum Maven!!
    I think that some people seem to downgrade bullet proof to bullet resistant to slows down how fast you get splattered without realizing the consequences....when you are out in the middle of somewhere other than civilization and the weak link goes, it will most likely never happen on flat, even, smooth, hard ground to facilitate the repair...mud up to your eyebrows and you need to change a u-joint....good luck buddy...we'll warm up some water in a 55 gallon drum on the camp stove so you can wash up when ya get back...
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    Hammer's right on with the portals or the rockwells, and either one of those would be the ticket.
    who wants to build a bomb and wait for it to blow up. overkill is the only way to go. build it stronger than you ever plan to abuse it so it wont grenade.
    now ive got to find a 715 to put some under it cause the old 725 is a little top heavy
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    Thank you Brute ! I am truely honored with such a title. M1028
    If your not breakin\' something - Your NOT makin\' enough torque !!

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