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Thread: Tom's 427-

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    I'd have e-mailed you this, but a few members had also wanted to know:

    I see from a pic of your motor that your alternator and p/s pump are all on the same side. Are you using one belt to run them all?


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    Inspection of that shot would lead me to say no. I have more but can't find the disc at the moment.
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    They are on separate belts. The alternator was mounted on a stock style truck mount and the PS pump was on a custom SpicerFab mount. I did that to leave the passenger side of the motor open for other possible accessories in the future.
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    SpicerFab. Eeeeexxxxccceeelllent. Oh hey do you still have use for that hydraulic pump on my van? before I try to find a replacement idler.... as I'm sure the mount is standard Ford engineering, ie: total pain in the ass.
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    If you come across something that will be not a PITA and will fit...Yes, I'm interested. If you don't...I'll wait patiently until you do. No hurry.
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    Spicer, I can't believe what I am reading. You are going on the record of this forum that you are going to mount a part from a F@#d Van on your Chevy Big Block ??? Is this true ?? Please say it isn't so !! Ha HA !! M1028
    If your not breakin\' something - Your NOT makin\' enough torque !!

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    Barry: I'd say that's just wrong but KNOW THIS: it's not a F%*d part so it makes it ok. I think it might even be a Muncie pump! And we know Chevy and Muncie go together like... well, they go together.

    topical content: serpentine belts are cool but my AMC 360 can lose 3 of 4 belts and still keep the waterpump alive.
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    Yeah...yeah. As long as there isn't a FoMoCo on the casting, it's open season! Oh Barry, next time you run into your buddy that mods the saginaw boxes can you get a dead on price for me? THANKS.
    Big Blocks RULE!

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    YOU CAN'T DO THAT! Tall deck rat motors aren't supposed to fit! Heh,heh. Like that big fat radiator man!

    Big Blocks RULE!

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