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Thread: Clunking sound coming from front suspension-steering

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    anybody here ever have a clunking coming from the front end when steering? it mostly happens when at a stop, and i can feel it in the steering wheel. its really loud, but i cant seem to pinpoint it, and all of the tie rods and king pins look ok. any ideas?

    -Brian M

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    Default Clunking sound coming from front suspension-steering


    I have that too. I thought it was my springs shifting since my shackles are sorta worn. I, too, checked all my tie rods, my hubs, and my steering stuff.
    Mine has done it since I got the truck. I got power steering and it only does it at low speeds or when stopped.


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    The steering joint is loose in mine and gives me probably in the neighborhood of 20-30 degrees of steering wheel play. Especially on dirt roads it rattles like mad and drives me nuts. Best bet is to replace it with an aftermarket joint if that's your trouble.


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    the steering joint? like the u-joint on the steering wheel shaft? or were you talking about somthing else? the little u-joint is alright in mine, the noise seems to be coming from down lower in the front end.

    well, its nice to know that some one else is having the same problems mine sounds the exact way brian s described it....


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    It sorta feels like the axle has loose mounts or something. I checked all the above too and think the noise is a little different than anything that the above would cause.

    I figured that it would either get worse, or not and if not then it must not be important. If it gets worse then I can find it.

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    When you turn your wheels, the built-in caster will force one end of the axle to rise, and the other to drop. This alters the static loading of the springs significantly. This change in loading will force the springs to flex, one in relative compression, the other in relative rebound (we know that they are both in actual compression by virtue of holding up the truck, I use "relative" to describe the change from "straight-ahead" static loads).

    So I gotta go with Brian on this one - I bet the springs are shifting laterally as well as flexing vertically. You are experienceing "stiction" or "slip-and-stick" where the spring withstands the loads until they reach a break pont, where they let go with a "pop". You don't experience this at higher speeds, because the springs are constantly flexing, and the caster change induced stresses are relieved "on-the-fly" before building up to a rapid-release force.

    Or not.

    Have someone watch trhe front end whilst you cycle full left/right, and see for sure. Let us know, please?
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    sounds logical, i'll let ya'll know if i find anyhting


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    Check the front shackles for wear, on older Jeeps I have owned the shackle rubber can deteriorate and not be noticeable. When turning or on compression and rebound while turning the shackles will sometimes be noisy if rubber is missing . Just another idea. Good Luck Fisherman

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    brian, check where tye steering box bolts to the frame, i have had similar problems on a 1t0n 4x4 dodge and on a 1ton 4x4 chevy. i use both trucks on my farm and for construction and i have to tighten the bolts about once a month. when they loosen up they start making a popping sound. hope this helps. larry

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