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    My loser non-stock drivers side mirror has to be replaced, and it's the only one on the truck. I was wondering what other people have used, either stock or non-stock, and if they are satisfied. At this time I have a utility bed on the truck, so any help from the 726 crowd would be great!
    The photos from the looks like the driver/passenger mirrors are the same for both 715/726? Thanks guys!-gonz

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    They all use the same mirrors....usually there are some one ebay...take a look and see...I dont se any correct outside mirrors right now but its a good place to watch....also VPW and Memphis probably have the stock ones.
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    Thanks, Jon! Hope you're feeling better! What I'm wondering is if the stock mirrors work well for the 726, or should I get something a bit wider. Judging by the holes in the door, the truck has had 2 other mirror set ups.
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    I bought mine from auto zone they look just like the ones we have except they are silver

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    thanks for the info, I'll drop by and take a look- gonz
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    Gonz: I"m fond of big Chevy truck style mirrors, but the mounting arm has to be bent some to properly fit our doors. Having driven vans for so long now, I can't stand tiny mirrors.
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    The one that's on now look like the old Ford style- sits out nice and wide, but the top part of the retaining bar is held in by brass clips-which no longer works well, and I can't seem to pull the mirror in without popping the top bar off. With the tight trails we drive through, I know that mirror is going to be torn off soon, plus the mirror shakes all over the place since it's so loose. I'm going to look at autozone, and if I'm not satisfied, I'll start walking through the junk yards and make sure I look at the chevy vans. thanks!- gonz
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    I have offten thought of using HMMWV Mirros. They are nice and wide west cost style. The only problem is finding a way to connect them to the top of the door...Unless you installed them on the window frame like on a Hummer....Just a thought.
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